We’ll Build a Plan!

Roughly ten years ago, this congregation undertook a Long Range Planning process. The result was a vision that unleashed wonderful energy and transformed this place for the better. Among other things, it led to the revitalization of our religious education program; it inspired the creation of our programs in Lay Ministry and Small Groups; and it enabled us to undertake a much-needed renovation of our building.

Once again, it’s time to experience the power of a long-range vision. Please welcome to our new Long Range Plan Steering Committee (LRPSC) members Mary Ann Oakley (Chair), Lanie Damon, Mary Ann Gaunt, Wynn Montgomery, and Gary Moss.

Thanks go to our UUCA Board for their careful efforts in assembling this outstanding committee. The Board’s process in this was

  1. Announcing to the congregation (in several ways) the need for a strong, committed group to lead the LRP process,
  2. Developing a questionnaire for interested candidates and encouraging all UUCA members to consider applying, and
  3. Selecting, out of the 15 resulting applications, five people whose skills and experience were the best overall fit for steering a participatory long-range planning process.

UUCA is a diverse community, and the Committee is passionately dedicated to making sure that congregational conversations reflect this. One of the main things the LRPC is charged with is listening. Their job is to spark conversations among as many people as possible, around questions like, “What about UUCA gets us energized and fired up?” “How do we want to see people’s lives changed by being a part of UUCA?” “What distinctive gifts do we have to give to metro Atlanta?” “Where do we want to be five years from now, in 2016?”

Besides sparking conversations, the LRPSC is also charged with reporting back to the congregation what was said. From these responses, and with its wisdom, it will develop a report on Long Range Priorities, which the congregation will then be asked to vote on, and hopefully to approve. Beyond this, the Committee will work with Rev. David and the staff in developing an Implementation Plan that details the things we will do over the next five years to make the vision come true. As with the Long Range Priorities Report, this plan will belong to the congregation. The congregation will be asked to vote on and approve the Implementation Plan.

Please watch for communications from the LRPSC in the near future. At this time, they are finalizing a process and tentative schedule that will ensure that every member/stakeholder has an opportunity to be heard.

As the beloved Unitarian Universalist hymn says, “We’ll build a land.” But first, “Let’s build a plan!”