Welcoming UUCA’s New Archivist!

Welcome to UUCA’s New Archivist!
And Call for Materials!
Welcome to Deb Freer, who has recently taken on the volunteer position of UUCA Archivist. UUCA is a historically important congregation in our movement, and so the collection and care of our historical materials has always been important. But it is even more important now, as we move to a new location. Deb is stepping up to care for and preserve our history!
You may have heard Deb’s beautiful voice, as she sings in our choir. But you may not know that she has been a professional appraiser of art, antiques and historic material for more than 25 years.  She is a published author, and historian with appearances in various documentaries and shows such as “Good Morning America.”  She is former museum curator.   Deb has worked with and consulted  with the archives of other religious and non-profit institutions.
Now that we have a UUCA Archivist, we are making an open call for historical materials you might have in your possession. Give them to Deb! Her contact information is archivist@uuca.org.