Welcome to the new UUCA.org

Our redesigned website launches today! Take a minute to have a look around, and check out these new features:

  • A new sortable calendar.  You can view the complete calendar or just the calendar for a specific program area, such as children’s programs or adult religious education.
  • A new weekly blog, featuring posts by our ministers, staff, and other congregational leaders.
  • Online pledging.  Following Celebration Sunday on October 19, you’ll be able to pledge online by using a link in the Quick Links sidebar section.
  • Streamlined pages and sections so that it’s easier to find the information you’re looking for.
  • We’ll be adding more features—such as online giving and online directories—over the course of the program year.

This redesign came from feedback we received earlier this year. We went to both groups and individuals and asked,”What information do you need and how would you like to find it?” We also researched best congregational practices for websites.

No project this size can happen without the help of many volunteers.  Special thanks go to:

  • Phil Scopp for his great design work
  • Larry Stultz for his leadership and guidance
  • Conrado Marion-Landais, Brian Krohne, and Bruce Kitchell for their expertise and assistance
  • Cindy Brown, Mria Dangerfield, Ron Davis, Jay Gee, Edgar Holmann, James Lawrence, and Howard Rees for their wonderful photography
  • Our interviewees, focus group members, and beta testers for their thoughtful feedback
  • The UU Endowment Fund for funding for research and development

I hope you find the new UUCA.org helpful and informative, and I’d love to know what you think.  You can send your feedback to newwebsite@uuca.org.

Happy browsing!
Chance Hunter, Director of Welcome Ministries