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Embrace Wonder and Awe through Licensable UUCA Curricula

UUCA is proud to create meaningful ways of engaging children and youth online. Some of our programming is now available for licensing, so your UU congregation or community group can take part in cultivating dynamic youth engagement!  Explore our offerings below.


UUMC: Unitarian Universalism and Minecraft is our flagship speciality curriculum at UUCA. Written by congregants—a 12 year-old and his mother—the goal of the UUMC curriculum is to introduce upper elementary level students (3rd-5th graders) to the 7 UU Principles through fun and engaging Minecraft activities. From one parent:

“Hazel has really enjoyed Minecraft Camp, and we agree it’s hands down the best virtual learning experience our family has seen so far. Many thanks to all of you for making this happen!”

Each lesson explores a different UU principle through discussioncooperative games, and building tasks.  The lessons are meant to be conducted via Zoom or another online conferencing call system, but they could also be adapted for classroom use.

The curriculum is designed to be led by a middle school or teen youth leader, and supported by two adult RE leaders who guide discussion and provide technical support.   

ImportantAll class leaders should be proficient in advanced Minecraft functions. In fact, only those proficient in Minecraft will fully understand all directions in this curriculum. 

Fear not! Included in your purchase is a tech support email to assist you as you implement the program.