Election 2018: Are you ready to vote beginning on Oct 15? Now is the time to begin to educate yourself regarding the upcoming General Election.

You have until Oct 9 to register to vote or make changes to your current voter registration. Have you moved since the last time you voted?

In reviewing my Ballot on My Voter Page I found out that it includes fiveConstitutional Amendments, two Referenda, and one Special Election in addition to candidates for all GA key offices.

Stop by the Voter Education Table at UUCA coming Sunday to receive nonpartisan voter information. We will be in the social room after each service to answer your questions regarding the upcoming general election on Nov 6.


  • Creates the Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Trust Fund to protect water quality, wildlife habitat, and parks. House Resolution No. 238 Resolution Act No. 414 Ga. L. 2018, p. 1138 
  • Creates a state-wide business court to lower costs, enhance efficiency, and promote predictable judicial outcomes.
  • Encourages the conservation, sustainability, and longevity of Georgia’s working forests through tax subclassification and grants.
  • Provides rights for victims of crime in the judicial process.
  • Authorizes fair allocation of sales tax proceeds to county and city school districts.


  • Provides for a homestead exemption for residents of certain municipal corporations.
  • Provides a tax exemption for certain homes for the mentally disabled.


  • YES/NO on Sunday Alcohol Sales 

The below web links below have more details:

Don’t forget that early voting begins in less than a month on Oct 15.  See you at the polls!

Candidates, Ballot Measures and More!

Remember that you have until next Tues, Oct 9 to register to vote.  Early voting begins on Oct 15, election day is Nov 6

The Voter Education Table will be at UUCA this Sunday after each service.