UUCA Staff Covenant

We enter this covenant to cultivate and sustain strong positive relationships, in order to ensure that we keep our mission as a faith community squarely in sight. It will give strength to our teamwork and cooperation, especially when we’re in the midst of a difficult situation. We ask for the congregation’s support in helping us sustain this covenant.

We, the staff of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta, make the following commitments to each other:

We agree to be proactive, honest, and kind in our communications, because we recognize that we function within an interdependent web of activity, in which one area inevitably impacts others. At the same time, we are each in charge of different portfolio areas, and therefore we will strive to respect each other’s unique work and direct questions to appropriate people.

We affirm the gifts each staff person brings, and we will seek to support each other in fulfilling our varied responsibilities in positive ways.

We commit to the vision of environmental sustainability, and we will make the best choices we can to be good stewards of our resources.

We accept the fact that we are each only one person, and while there is so much to be done, and so much that is important to do, we must honor our limits of time and energy. We will say yes whenever possible and no whenever necessary. We promise to the best of our ability to practice sustainable leadership and model a healthy work-life balance. This includes multiplying leadership within the congregation, and nurturing our volunteers.

We will express and maintain clear personal and professional boundaries while respecting the boundaries of others.

Sensitive information will not be used or shared inappropriately. Permission to share pastoral care-related information must come directly from the people concerned.
We will be generous with our gratitude and praise for our fellow staff members, and encourage people to communicate their compliments directly.

To maintain healthy relationships, our model for handling complaints or concerns brought to us by a staff member or member of the congregation shall be:

  • Ask the person to approach the staff member directly, and, as needed, help this person get clearer about the issue at hand without taking sides;
  • Or, if helpful, offer to go with the person to speak to the staff member, and remind them of resources that the Healthy Relationships Team has to offer;
  • Otherwise, the matter will be dropped.
  • Triangulation—as when one person takes another person’s complaint as his or her own, and takes sides—is to be avoided.

Privately and together, we will engage in constructive (not destructive) conversations intended to enhance team work. We will start from a place of curiosity and assume good intentions as we strive to get on the same page. We will deal in issues and behaviors, not personalities.

In our deliberations we accept the fact that differences of opinion are expected and welcome, but once a decision has been made, we will all support it.

We acknowledge that perfectionism is an obstacle to growth. As part of our commitment to excellence, we will view our mistakes as opportunities for personal and professional development and sometimes even openings for creativity and new perspectives.