UUCA Receives 2009 Energy Star Award

Energy Star LogoOne of only five facilities to receive this prestigious award in 2009 in the category of Houses of Worship, UUCA is also the first UU congregation and the first congregation in Georgia to receive this award. (View UUCA’s Energy Star profile.)

The Energy Star Award is a national conservation award developed by the EPA to recognize excellent energy performance by building type. Energy Star ranks facilities from 0 to 100 based on their energy and water consumption. In order to receive an award, the facility must be in the 75th percentile or higher (i.e. at least 75% of facilities use more energy than we do). Many consider the Energy Star Award more prestigious than LEED NC certification since it is based on actual energy consumption rather than projected energy savings. We will receive a 2009 Energy Star plaque soon. To maintain our Energy Star designation, we will need to reapply each year.

The Energy Star Award confirms the sound sustainability decisions UUCA has implemented in the last ten years. The “Building the Vision” campaign in 2002 and the “Finish the Job” campaign in 2005 transformed our energy inefficient building completed in 1965 into a national leader in sustainable design. The original building had no roof insulation, leaky metal frame windows with single glazing, and a gas furnace that was falling apart. R-30 insulation was added to the existing roof, existing windows were replaced with double glazed, operable, wood windows, and the old boiler was replaced with a high- efficiency boiler. The office addition incorporated R-30 roof insulation, R-22 wall insulation, and external sunscreensto reduce solar heat gain. Low VOC finishes were used throughout. Our renovated facility with the 3,000 square- foot office addition uses less than half the gas required to heat the original building and substantially less electricity.