UUCA Board Update

Planning for the 2019 General Assembly in Spokane, Washington
Any congregant and staff persons attending the 2019 General Assembly are to meet with Christian Harden, Sunday, June 9, 2019 at 9:15am in Room 5. The purpose of the meeting is to design a plan of action for the 2019 General Assembly to support and enhance the values of UUCA.

Keeping the Congregation Engaged
Your UUCA Board completed a successful Board Retreat the past weekend at the Mountain. The work of the Board will engage the congregation in order for UUCA to define its identity and purpose. Please review the outcome of the retreat.

Open Question: How do we express our faith and UUCA identity through healing poverty in Atlanta?

Annual Vision of Ministry (AVOM):
1. Manage our UUCA cultural transition by leading the Congregation to coalesce aroung a shared and aspirational vision for our future
2. Support diversity and inclusion, especially around economic differences in our congregation, to build beloved community
3. Chart a path toward leadership, from visitor to leader.
4. Forge community partnerships

Board Focus:
1. Develop culture of giving (time, talent and treasure) by developing a Stewardship Committee to be nominated by nominating committee; consider whether bylaw change is necessary to implement
2. Support Healing Poverty Team
3. Deepen our relationship to our ends and covenant

Board Committees:
1. Healing Poverty Team- Jon Johnson and Bryce Thomason
2. Healthy Relations Team- Jennifer Thilo and Jen Bain
3. Bylaws Team- Sharon Glass and Sean Golan
4. PEM- Jennifer Thilo and Christian Harden
5. ARAOMC Team- Sharon Glass, Tony Stringer & Taryn Strauss;
6. Finance Team- Bryce Thomason, John Dugger, Jennifer Thilo, Christian Harden, Paul Lowery, Darvis White & Travis Vaughn
7. Project Phoenix Team- David Spierman, DeAnn Peterson, Carol Ann Arvan, Jennifer Thilo, Bryce Thomason, Christian Harden & Taryn Strauss
8. Generosity and Stewardship Team (to form congregational committee)- Jen Bain, Ellen Beattie, John Guyton, Jason Delaney & Sean Golan

Your board will engage the congregation in order to move from good to Great! For any questions or concerns, contact your board at board@uuca.org. Thanks