UUCA Attends Author’s Conversation About Race and Racism in Predominantly White Faith Institutions

Dinner and Discussion:

UUCA Attends Author’s Conversation About Race and Racism in Predominantly White Faith Institutions

by Kim Green


On July 19th, 26 UUs gathered at Front Page news for dinner. This gathering was the aftermath of the Adult RE class on Austin Channing Brown’s poignant and pointed memoir, I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness.” The enthusiastic responses to us sharing a meal together was greatly encouraging despite the sensitive nature of the book for non-Black people.  After a great dinner, we then all descended on The Jimmy Carter Center to witness a staged discussion with LeCrae, (an acclaimed, Grammy Award winning Gospel rap artist and author) and the inspiring Austin Channing Brown.

What made this author’s talk so different than any others I’ve attended is that it showcased two African American contemporaries speaking candidly about the delicate topic of race. They both handled the hard topic with amazing candor and care. Austin Channing Brown impressed everyone with her unstoppable realness and deep integrity.  She was not “nice” but honest.

“My feelings were hurt, I’ve always considered myself a good guy,” said one of the non-Black attendees. However, others were greatly invigorated by the opportunity to learn more about the wound of racism (from the inside) and more effective ways to be allies of oppressed people in all spaces of our lives.

As the co-facilitator of the class along with Associate Minister, Taryn Strauss, I must say how proud we were of the excellent UUCA turnout!  Although there were some uncomfortable moments, they served as a powerful reminder of the importance of the essential work of loving and seeing each other as the human beings that we are, despite what we have learned from the misinformation of racism.

Taryn and I want to say a special thank you to all who were there. Your grace and willingness to hear what’s hardest to hear, shows your deep belief that a just world is possible with hearts like ours. We are Unitarian Universalists.