Building A New Way Together

Join us as we move our move our congregation and its ministries into this new and exciting chapter!

Building a New Way…Together is a combined effort for the Capital Campaign and the 2021 Stewardship Drive. 

Join Us!

Our goal between now and the end of the campaign is to provide a personal inspirational and informative visit with every member and friend of UUCA regardless of their ability to participate.  We desire that everyone have an opportunity to receive first hand information and to provide feedback concerning the present and future of UUCA! 

Use this form to request a visit!

Capital Campaign

When UUCA began searching for a new home over three years ago, we called upon you to share your needs, hopes and wishes for our future. The time has come to turn those dreams into reality by making the critical investment needed to convert our property into the welcoming, accessible campus we wish for.

Capital Campaign Goal

Pledged So Far

We take pride in the fact that for nearly 140 years, our congregation has been stewarded by visionaries who believed in the transformative power of liberal religion, created beautiful spaces that served us, and took risks to bring about racial justice and progressive social change. They achieved this through leaps of faith and relied on one another to build new ways to bring caring individuals together to forge a better world.
Now, it is our turn to be the visionaries. We are called to act on our dreams through inspired giving. We have tremendous faith in all of you.

Together we will achieve the ultimate goal of this campaign: to nurture a vibrant, growing congregation. Generations from now, our church will look back with gratitude for our willingness to step up and build a new way.

We have significant momentum thanks to this congregation’s incredible generosity, but reaching our goal depends on everyone joining the effort!

Over the next weeks, you will be contacted by a fellow congregant who is a campaign volunteer to set up a visit with you to talk about the future of UUCA. Please be courteous and show your faith in UUCA’s future by responding as quickly as possible to the person reaching out to you. Just say “YES” when they ask to meet you in person or virtually. We’re counting on you to keep up the momentum and reach our goals!

We’re also very excited to share with you our kick-off launch. We weren’t able to meet in person this year due to COVID for our annual retreat, so we threw a virtual retreat. Check out the video below to experience the retreat over and over again!

2021 Stewardship Drive

We are in a powerful place between our past and our future. 

The 2021 stewardship drive is about the essence of us⁠—how, together, we are changing lives, healing wounds, and inspiring generosity in our world. Right here, right now, our world needs UUCA’s powerful expression of our faith: dignity, justice, compassion. Right here, right now, we need UUCA.

This is an exciting time to be engaged at UUCA. Our Annual Stewardship Drive is how you pledge your financial support for our staff and ministry activities in 2021. We look forward to kicking off soon and would welcome any comments or questions to Please help us stay strong and move into our new future.

Stewardship Goal

Dollars Pledged So Far