This I Believe

I believe in the sanctity of the world and the limitlessness of the universe, without beginning or end. I believe in the power of infinity.

I believe in the conservation of energy and matter, from breath to breath and ashes to ashes. We were born of star dust and ancient air filled our first breath, and so it will be.

I believe that all life is part of the Whole, which is Love without bounds and beyond understanding and that fully experiencing this is Ultimate Knowledge.

I believe in immortality through action, through story, through beauty.

I believe in the goodness of people, the voice still and small within us all, and the wonder of Beloved Community.

I believe in taking care of the world and in the epitaph “Mother of a Happy Home.”

I believe in the power of choice and the prerogative of change.

I believe in reverence for life, in awakening to the infinite expectation of the dawn, and in the sacredness of meeting each precious moment of each glorious day with awe. I believe in the joy of experiencing the delicious pang of completeness.

I believe there is more to life than meets the eye.

I believe

The created force is more than human intelligence, comprehension and imagination

The created force is more than love, mercy, justice and compassion. The created force established more than nothing and everything.

I believe

Human beings are more than race, gender, religion but each living thing is valued and unique

Humans have the tools to identify and know the essence of self via meditation, self perspective and reflection in order to fulfill one’s potential to perform what is best, just and right for self and others

I believe humans must remove the spirit of greed, fear, hatred and faith without reason but live and exhibit the spirit of love, justices, mercy and compassion

I believe humans can live a life of unspeakable health, wealth and wisdom in order to be productive, prosperous and a philanthropist to enhance life for self and all living things;

Therefore, I am a freethinker, free of religious, political and social dogma for I have the right and freedom to change my mind based on reason, logic and creative and critical imagination.

I believe that life is a surprise. I feel lucky and grateful for the life I have lived. I believe that each one of us is here to explore the world, and create all of our own beliefs as we live and grow.

I believe in inter-connectedness, and that life and people are more than just black and white. I believe that were all here to explore, to create, and to make memories and mistakes. Death and time are two things that I’m not afraid of. Some of us get more time, some get less, but I believe that we ourselves are in control of how we live. Time- it’s a perception. I believe that we live on after this life, though it may be in a different form and at a different place. Energy never dies. But what I believe is our next life, I feel like were here to create and find our passions.

This earth is our home, and I wish we’d all notice that more often. This is the place we live, grow up, and make a life in. Let’s give back to what we’ve got. And although it’s healthy for us to disagree, I’ve never thought that war and hate could ever help us make something positive.

I believe that life is full of challenges and that each challenge is a reminder that our life is real. It’s natural for us all to disagree sometimes. We’ve all been born with different opinions, cultures, and beliefs. We all have the freedom of speech, and there’s never going to be just a right and a wrong. We all deserve to be able to believe without worries of other’s judgments. Let’s live to our full potentials. I believe that when we accept who we are and each other’s differences, we become stronger.

I’ll never be afraid to ask questions, and I have many things to figure out. We all have many memories behind us, and experiences ahead of us. There will be many todays and tomorrows and yesterdays, several tears and laughs, moments, and pictures. My beliefs will grow and change. I’ll keep learning and growing, because time is exceptional. I’ll never take it for granted, because we are all lucky to be given it.

I believe in a benevolent, all-accepting Creator who set our incredible world in motion but left us with the intellect and creativity to mange it. There is a God-spirit within each of us which we can find as we pursue honesty and tolerance. I believe I must take action to find truth, to defend justice tempered with mercy, and to enhance our world—that all efforts are valuable from those small daily acts to broad, long-reaching movements.

I believe in the interconnectedness of our universe. I believe that the Golden Rule should guide my behavior. All of us are responsible for each other’s welfare as well as the environment we inhabit.

God is the combination of all of the love in our world and exists only because we serve it.

This god doesn’t have control over our lives; rather, we control and grow this god.

I believe that “to serve god” is to create and seek the realization of our own dreams with optimism and integrity. It’s our attempt at making our lives count, and we do it because it makes us happy.

The faith I have in this god is founded on the premise that we evolved with the ability to be truly joyful and excited but also deeply sad and cruel. Without these strong emotions, we wouldn’t be motivated by happiness to love.

Some evil happens when we lose sight of god and stop loving. Other times, it just happens, and all that matters is how we react.

To overcome our biggest challenges, we must embrace and contribute to the collective energy of god.

We have a finite amount of time to love and to be loved. When we die, we will leave our imprint behind: the love we shared, the light we gave to others, and our ashes.

I believe in love.

I believe that when compared with the vastness of the universe and the complexity of reality, the whole of humanity – let alone an individual life – comprises such a small and transient part as to be insignificant. I believe that “God” is the term that humans ascribe to phenomena that they cannot understand. “God,” by definition, cannot be known or understood. I believe that reality is infinite, and that there will always be phenomena that humans cannot understand, regardless of how much scientific and philosophical progress is made. Therefore, as far as we know, anything is possible.

I believe that consciousness is an end in itself and requires no justification for its desire to exist. Consciousness enables all other human experiences – without it, we cease to be. As such, protecting, preserving, and extending it must be the highest priority. As best I can tell, human consciousness begins at birth and ends at death, but I have no way of knowing for sure.

I believe that this life, this form of consciousness, is all we will ever have. Therefore, we must maximize our chances of physical survival and find ways that consciousness can transcend the natural human body.

I believe that we should undertake scientific efforts to extend and preserve consciousness beyond the natural human body. If anything is indeed possible, then it is possible that there need not be an end to consciousness. I believe that some day humanity could “cure” death, as it has so many other diseases. Individually and collectively, we should strive to become more like “God.

I believe in God and science. I believe in inspiration and intuition. I believe in trust, integrity, purpose, gifts, healing, miracles, forgiveness, love, laughter and a divine thread and flow that runs through it all. Sometimes I feel more connected to the divine mystery than others and I feel it in my skin.

The God I feel connected to feels more like a cross between the Native American Great Spirit and The Force from Star Wars than it does like the God of my Christian upbringing. I could never quite buy that we are all born in sin or understand, even if it was true, how Jesus’ death on the cross did anything to change that.

I feel more connected to something divine, a source of inspiration and heart felt wholeness when I am in nature or sharing an honest and open relationship or using those parts of myself that feel like special gifts. I believe that some of my gifts came to me through adversity, some through mentors, some through experience and some through being in the right place at the right time.

I believe that we can be the heroes or heroines in our own lives. I believe that experiences and relationships are more valuable and more lasting than anything I can own. I believe that when I listen, if I am paying attention, I hear what I need to know. I believe that laughter can transform and heal much that is askew in the world and that we need lots more of it. I believe that imagery is as powerful as reality.

I believe that I have followed a thread of intuition, inspiration and spirit that keeps guiding me. It doesn’t feel like random coincidence. It feels like God. I believe that when I tune in, my life is richer.

I believe that it is possible that there have been and will be other past and future lifetimes. I, also, believe that this one is the only one I can do anything about now. I believe that I want to choose to be creative, forgiving, loving and compassionate now, whether there’s more or not.

Much of what I believe has come from the natural world – awe, wonder, astonishment – as I have had the opportunity to observe the constellations from both northern and southern hemispheres and to experience a genuine connection with the out of doors. There is constancy to nature to which I return for nourishment and reminder. When things are out of kilter in my world I believe that I can look to the natural world for stability and cyclical steadiness.

I believe that we are part of some process, beyond my conception.

My grounding has also been in the love and compassion of family and friends who express their caring in many different ways. That is also how I understand grace.

I believe that wisdom springs from each of us, although sometimes the source is obscured or gets a bit clogged, like a fountain does. But that wisdom is always available for us to tap into. It’s like the sunflowers turning to the sun, or that the sun always rises, even though we don’t always see it.

I believe that we are spiritual beings born with a power which transforms our lives. I lose sight of this wonder; but the grandeur and cycles of change found in nature remind me of this possibility and point me to the potential for change in my life.

If we are somehow children of God, made in some sense in the image of God, or enjoy some residue of divinity as part of our nature, I believe that surely we are precious indeed, and should regard and treat one another with the respect and tenderness befitting such treasures. If, on the other hand, we are a random fluke of blind cosmic processes, and really don’t matter one wit to the universe as such, then surely we are precious indeed, and should regard and treat one another with the respect and tenderness befitting such a serendipitous delights

I believe that all people are created equal; that all life is divine and interconnected; no one person is more a child of god than any other; we are all holy.

I believe in a god that is the creative energy behind the big bang, that formed all living things and the universe as we know it.

I believe that this creative energy has a consciousness, that all natural things are a small part of god, each a part of the conscious whole; we create the whole. Because we are the one, the whole, interconnected to all… what we experience, creation experiences, and therefore god can experience.

I believe the purpose of life’s negatives is to form an opposite from which we are able to experience joy and beauty.

No matter what each of us believes is God, or whether we believe in a god at all, I have grown to believe that this is not important to life or to living life fully.

What matters is simply to Do, to Be. If there is a purpose to life, I believe it remains hidden to us for now. Where we are ultimately headed is hidden for now. What matters is to enjoy the journey there.

I believe that we should do what we love, be the person we want to be, and we can each create our own heaven, right here.

When I was a child, someone told me I had to be saved to go to heaven. Now, I believe that heaven and hell are not places we go when we die, but experiences in the here and now.

When I was a child, I was told that I was a sinner. Now, I believe that we all have inalienable legitimacy and worth.

Since forever, I have avoided conflict as much as possible. Now I believe that successful conflict leads to mutually beneficial solutions, helps us know each other better, exposes hidden needs and assumptions, and is an opportunity to demonstrate the depth of our respect. I believe that we’re all in this together, that I am worthy of love and attention and that people are on my side.

I believe that life satisfaction can be practiced and cultivated. I believe that it occurs only when we drop the pressure to be something we’re not, avoid the myths of permanence and control, act in the world, and embrace both our autonomy and our interdependence.

I believe we are all unique, evolving beings, with the sole and absolute decision to define ourselves;

That each person possesses the freedom to determine our own path, to explore, seek and question our most organic, unique and happiest self. While simultaneously be a constant and positive force to all we encounter;

I believe in the unlimited potential of the human mind and spirit;

I am who I say I am. As an impassioned freethinker I absolutely will not accept dogma, rules or labels concerning race, gender or religion;

At the end of the day, life is a journey with its ups and downs; therefore, we are responsible for the decisions and choices we make.

How I behave is as important as what I believe. I accept and show respect for a Higher Power who created this complex, mostly wonderful world, but I must take responsibility for my own destiny. I am awed by (and must honor and preserve) nature’s beauty. I believe that I must freely share my resources—financial, intellectual, and emotional. I believe that I must lead by example, while appreciating and learning from others. I must do good when I can and never do harm.

I believe in LOVE. Love is the most creative and powerful force in the Universe. Love is the force that some call “God.”

I believe in LIFE. I affirm Life, which brings joys and sorrows to teach me appreciation and compassion.

I believe in my faith COMMUNITY, which embraces and sustains me and makes me a better person.

I believe in SERVICE to others. Service gives me caring and humility, and is the rent I pay for the privilege of living.