How to post to The Bulletin?

There are a few ways to create a new post on Padlet

The first is to click or tap the big pink (+) button at the bottom of any padlet you have made or been invited to.

The second way to create a post is to double click (web) or double tap (mobile/tablet) anywhere on the padlet

A text box will appear.

The third way is to copy and paste a link directly onto the padlet (web-only)

As long as the Padlet window is open and selected, you can paste any link onto a padlet and a new post will appear. Learn more by reading the blog post below

For more info visit:

How do I optimize my post?

Increase visibility and engagement with your posts by following some of this best practices.

  1. Short and Direct Heading: Communicate the important info in the heading. For example, if your posting about a SUUSI Conference at The Mountain, you might try “SUUSI Con: DATE” for a heading.
  2. Communicate, date, time, cost, location in the first two lines or sentences in the body fo the post.
  3. Use direct links, images, and uploads whenever possible.
  4. Don’t forget to include contact info when appropriate.

Can I delete my post?

Yes, hover your cursor over the top right corner of your post. A grey box will pop up. Select the trash Icon. This is also how to can edit a post.

How do I create an account?


How long will my post be visible?

The Bulletin posts sunset weekly on Mondays at 9:00 am.

How do I download documents from the Bulletin?

Downloading documents, excel files, audio files, video files, slide presentations from Padlet is a 2-step process.

Step 1. On your padlet, click the file you want to print or download. This will open a wide page for better view.

Step 2:  Hit Download.

How can I format my posts?

The latest version of Padlet allows for some basic formatting e.g., italicize, bold, bullet, strike through etc. Just select the words you want to ‘enrich’ by highlighting it and a toolbar will show up with the necessary actions, or use the following keyboard shortcuts: