The Great UUCA Poster Show: Remembering Cliff Valley Way(CVW)

All UUCA members/friends, families, and recognized groups* are invited to participate in “The Great UUCA Poster Show: Remembering Cliff Valley Way”.  The Poster Show will be held in conjunction with our farewell party and presentations on May 20, 2018.

Our goal is to fill the building with congregant-created posters that focus on memories of times past as well as posters to point us toward our bright, new future.  Here are a few poster themes, ideas, and examples to spark your thinking:

  • Milestones – Child Welcoming; Commitment/Wedding/Anniversary, Growing Up at UUCA
  • UUCA’s Future – Hopes, dreams, aspirations for UUCA’s bright future.
  • A Social Justice
    • Marching for peace & justice – Pride, MLK, Jr. and/or Black Lives Matter Parades
    • Working with Kids – Hope-Hill School, Big Bethel Saturday School, OPEACE
    • Supporting & Standing with Others – The Peace Network, PFlag, The Ghana Library Project
  • Connecting & Learning Together – Covenant Group; Celebrate Learning – memorable learning experiences you’ve shared with others
  • Gatherings/Fun Times – Memorable events/parties/celebration – WW Dinners, UUCA Auctions, Passover Seders, Moravian Love Feasts, Youth CONS
  • Those Without Whom – Visionary UUCA founders/leaders whose accomplishments have inspired us.
  • Visual and Performing Arts – Images/history highlights/timelines, accomplishments, founders/volunteers related to UUCA’s Art Gallery, The Underground Theatre, Performing Arts/Artist, etc.
  • Special Places – Images/history highlights/timelines/founders/volunteers/accomplishments related to the Memorial Garden; Butterfly Garden; Fern Creek, Playground, The Parlor, the New Wing/Addition, etc.

What are the guidelines? 

  • Have fun and be creative! The look of your poster(s) can be as simple or as colorful as you like.  All posters are expected to display images, words, and phrases that reflect our UU values and principles.
  • Decorate your poster(s) using drawings, illustrations, photos, memorabilia, hand-prints/thumb-prints, timelines, words, phrases, signatures, ribbons, crepe paper, glitter, decorative borders, etc.
  • Poster size is limited to no larger than 22” by 28”. Smaller posters will be accepted.  
  • All posters must be turned in no later than May 16, 2018.
  • Completed poster(s) can be turned in at the Poster Show table in the Social Hall on any Sunday.
  • More than one poster per individual, family or group can be submitted.
  • Names of individuals, families, and groups submitting posters will be published on “The Honor Roll of The Great UUCA Poster Show”.
  • Check out the following website that contains pictures of our building and grounds. You can use any of these you’d like in creating your poster.  Thank you, Roger Easley, for creating this resource.

Where can I get more information?

  • Doug Abell is coordinating the Poster Show. You can reach him at 770-922-8009 or 678-386-4604 or at
  • Stop by the Poster Show table in the Social Hall on Sundays for inspiration and to have your questions answered.
  • Check The City for updates/announcements about UUCA’s Great Poster Show.

*Groups include UUCA recognized entities and teams, such as, The Board of Trustees, UUCA Staff, Lay Ministers, Fellowship and Social Justice Groups, Phoenix and Tapestry Choirs, Mediation Group, Humanist Forum, Covenant Groups, Standing and Ad Hoc Committees, etc.