The Great Storytelling Contest, 2019

The Great Storytelling Contest, 2019

Come one, come all to the great UUCA storytelling contest!

Bring a rippin’ good story to tell. We’ll judge it by rounds of applause (very scientific), and the victor wins a pie. Come and take part, or just to listen and cheer our brave storytellers on!

Keep your tale to seven minutes or less. There’s no such thing as too short!

Some storytelling tips (courtesy of Carapace Atlanta storytellers):

• Consider practicing your story ahead of time! This will make you more confident and help you tighten your story so that you can keep it within the time limit.
• Try to have a clear beginning, middle, and ending, whether your story is sad, funny, or a delightful combination of both.
• As you tell your story, set the stakes right away. Consider placing us in the middle of the action at the start of the story. When the audience is hooked, you can back-fill how the situation came to pass.
• Don’t worry about looking good, i.e. playing the untarnished hero or the blameless victim. Let your story be as rich and complicated as reality.
• Know your last line. Also, it’ll help if you get lost during the telling; with a last line in mind, you know your destination.