The Bulletin: How to Make a Post

Get stated using The Bulletin today! Below are two sets of instructions on how to make a post on our new online announcement board. 

Community post instructions:

1. Click on the link to the Bulletin

2. Enter passcode: MyUUCA404!

This password is case sensitive.

3. Click on the pink plus sign in the lower right corner. A text box will appear. Create and heading and write your post in the body. The icon at the bottom of the text box will allow you add media (links, images, etc).

4. You will see a yellow bar at the bottom of the post that reads “requires approval.” I will approve this as soon as I get the notice.

Instructions to post from your account.

1. Sign in using this link


2. Enter your username and password

This can be found in an email sent to you from Padlet Backpack. The subject line will be “Welcome to Padlet Backpack”

3. Click the “Join a Padlet” bottom in the top middle of the page

4. Copy and pat this link into the field

5. Enter passcode MyUUCA404!

6. To make post, follow directions for community post begins at step #3