Homily- Nia Lovvorn I don’t stand for the pledge. I haven’t since I was in seventh grade, when my teacher said we had to because it was respectful. Looking back, I wish I could have gotten the chance to explain why I don’t stand for the pledge. I probably would have said something along the […]

Under Pressure: Youth Sunday

1st Homily “Burnt Out” by Kolya Souvorin 150 years ago, American philosopher and psychologist William James said “The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” (pause) Wow! If only fighting stress was that easy! All jokes aside, even the most ordinary events of life can start to add up and […]

Rites of Passage

Below are the credo statements of the Coming of Age Candidates. Cooper In plain truth, science is my religion. I don’t believe that god made the world in 7 days, but instead believe the theory of evolution. In my personal view, religion can lead to fanaticism, which in turn leads to war. Some examples […]