June 14, 2015 Dear Maya, How strange it will seem to my hearers and readers that I am writing a letter to one who can never literally receive it. You died just a little over a year ago. And yet, you seem very much alive to me. Once you said, “We delight in the beauty […]

I Hate Praise Music

Reading Excerpted from UU World article: The Gospel of Inclusion by Kimberly French, Fall 2009 Homily I was 21 years old when I was hired by Dixboro United Methodist Church just outside of Ann Arbor, to work with their praise and worship band called Joyful Noise.  I would show up at their weekly rehearsal and […]

Comes the Poet

Fat Chance by Adam Bruns Having just read about the sect whose adherents tiptoe around all living things, I found one adhered to my windshield — a bug, that is, whirring its wings. I was stunned to see him still stuck as I left from earning my daily bread. One swipe of the wipers would […]