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UUCA Stewardship Campaign for 2020

We are in a powerful place between our past and our future. 

This stewardship drive is about the essence of us⁠—how, together, we are changing lives, healing wounds, and inspiring generosity in our world. Right here, right now, our world needs UUCA’s powerful expression of our faith: dignity, justice, compassion. Right here, right now, we need UUCA.

We arrive to our new program year at the precipice of a thrilling new ministry for Atlanta. As the seasons turn, we gather in strength, excitement, and joy for all that Rev. Taryn Strauss will bring to our congregation and region. We have prepared the way for our religious education programming to take shape under a new full-time Director of Lifespan Religious Education (DLRE). Today, we are doing work to become the UUCA of our dreams. Here are some things we have planned:

Grow our Ministry

Fulfill our commitments to our ministers and staff. We joyfully welcome the visionary ministry of Rev. Taryn Strauss. We are excited for the addition of Fenwick Broyard as our new DLRE and are planning to hire a full-time Social Justice/Membership Coordinator staff position very soon.

Expand Our Influence

Expand UUCA’s influence in the region through establishing partnerships that will place us in the center of interfaith justice work in Atlanta, and re-establishing UUCA’s leadership role as the flagship UU congregation in the Southeast.

Strengthen Our Membership

Chart a clear path from UUCA visitor to UUCA leader, offering radical welcome, ease of use through membership, and leadership development opportunities for our members who are ready to transform our community and our world.

Deepen Our Social Justice Work

Prepare the way for new justice outreach through prison ministry, advocating for and providing service to people vulnerable to food insecurity, and partnering with organizations to re-unite immigrant families, thus advancing UUCA’s impact toward healing the wound of poverty in Atlanta.

Join us in pledging to move our ministry into this new and exciting chapter!

Email Stewardship@uuca.org for more information!