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UUCA Stewardship Campaign for 2019

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all the darkness.”


These words by Desmond Tutu remind us that there is, deep within us, a longing we call hope.  Hope calls us to transcend injustice, exclusion, loneliness, ignorance and to create a new kind of community that models how people can live in love and justice with one another.  This is kind of hope we create together. This kind of hope is needed. Our nation is struggling to become what our founders once imagined. We’re seeing emboldened acts of enemies of racism, exclusion, misogyny, and cultural ignorance rear their ugly heads leaving wounded, hurt, and broken people in their wake.  There is hope to be found. There is way to live in love and harmony with one another, This is WHY we exist – to provide a model of true community, a place of inclusion and beauty, a place of exploration and right-relationships, and a family of love and dignity for all people.

What UUCA will Do in 2019

Sharing Beauty, Music and Art:

We have a beautiful, inclusive, creative story to tell.  Using our gifts, talents, and unique voices we will share those stories in programming, writing, visual arts, music, and drama.   In these beautiful expressions, we are creating hope together and reshaping the story of our community, nation, and world. And, we’re shaping our own personal stories as this sharing of beauty, music and art touches our hearts.

Inspiring Hearts Through Worship

Worship is the place where we are drawn to hope, to love, to justice, to growth and most of all to one another.  It is where we sing together, meditate together, listen together, reflect together and decide together how we will expand the circle of love and justice.   We are creating hope together by inspiring hearts in worship.

Living Revolutionary Love

We are people committed to living a revolutionary love.  We believe living out the demands of love and justice changes the world in which we live.  We do this individually in acts of friendship and compassion and we do this collectively as a congregation through social justice programming, ARAOMC-related activities external to the community, and through the advocacy and work of UUCA leaders in the larger community.

Engaging Minds Through Religious Exploration

We are people on a journey.  Whether you are 5 or 95, or somewhere in between, we are exploring life together.  In religious exploration, we are learning about ourselves, we are seeing people and their cultures from a variety of perspectives, and most of all we’re creating hope together by shaping the next generation of Unitarian Universalists to model our way of life and searching.    

Building the Beloved UU Community

Building the beloved community means welcoming newcomers, care for members of the community, the building of deep friendships, including those who have been marginalized, and creating a space for people to love and be loved unconditionally.  And, it means developing and supporting Unitarian Universalist leaders. We’re creating hope together in the building of a beloved community.


Expansion Priorities

We are moving!  The treehouse is just a temporary space and all of us should be commended for the great job we have done living in this very small space.   But we are also growing. Every week we have new individuals, couples, and families coming for the first time. They are drawn to way of worship, action, and love.  When we complete the move to the Druid Hills campus the growth is going to accelerate. We want to be ready. In addition to the helpful and hope creating work are already doing we seek to add:  

Full-time Director of Religious Education:  Imagine adults coming to UUCA on Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings, Wednesday evenings, and to neighborhood groups on a weekly basis. Imagine youth and young adults teeming through the congregation and contributing to worship, justice, and care. Imagine dozens and dozens of children singing, laughing, learning, and being shaped by UU values and vision for the world.   We believe that people matter and that they are longing for growth, depth, and understanding. Your full-time Director of Religious Exploration will lead all us in that preferred future for our community.

Expanding Love and Justice Work.  We are doing a great deal to shape the conversation in Atlanta about what love and justice looks like. This year our expanded focus will include identifying a kind of brokenness in Atlanta that we are uniquely poised to heal.  Then we will be known as the church that loves much.

Expanded ARAOMC Commitment.  While we at UUCA have historically led the greater Atlanta community in the areas of inclusion, racial reconciliation, and equal rights there is more that we can do.  

How you can help.

We create hope together.   The most important part of that affirmation is together.  Some of us will not be enough.  It will take all of us doing what each of us can do to create the kind of hope, growth, and change we long to see.

One of the most important ways that you can help is to decide in advance what you will give in 2019.  Through pledging you are estimating your financial partnership for the 2019 calendar year. It is a great way to stand with the leadership of the congregation and with others like yourself who want to see positive and deep change in the world.  Also, through your estimate of giving, the leadership of the church can plan wisely and use responsibly the resources all of us make available through sharing. And, personally, we are at our very best when we set a goal and then live up to that commitment. Remember, your pledge/estimate of giving can be revised at any time according to your circumstances.  

If you are not able to pledge, or if you are new giving and pledging, we encourage to trial size it.  Simply try giving by check or credit card for three months. If after three months you decide that you’re still uncomfortable with deciding in advance you can adjust your giving through your bank or online giving platform.  

Most all please know that every gift, every pledge, every donation is greatly impactful and deeply appreciated.  While each of us is beautifully unique there is one thing that binds us together – we create hope.

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