Shaking Up Sundays

Sunday mornings here are a whirlwind of activity, with our services, children and youth religious education, meetings and forums and adult programming. You can see the scope of what goes on by scanning the back of the weekly Cliffhanger, and even more of the energy and spirit by walking the corridors or circling the Social Hall. Sustenance has been provided by the coffee team, by the baked goods sellers, by the occasional special celebrations and by intermittent meal fundraisers.

Sunday afternoons are much quieter, as stomachs growl and children grow restless, and the logistics of staying around seem daunting.

Some of you grew up with or even more recently participated in congregations where Sundays were extended experiences, where the conviviality, inspiration, and nourishment of all types took place in the hours following worship. The sense of community was an important aspect of what it meant to belong.

What if we arranged for a catered lunch every Sunday in a new UUCA Corner Cafe? What if we could provide healthy offerings such as stacked veggie sandwiches, chicken salad, fresh pastas and then some scrumptious desserts that would be available for reservation during the prior week and then ready to pick up after the second service?

If these meals were available, and some time to refresh and relax, and childcare provided for extended hours, would more people be able to stay for all kinds of activities—from children’s bell choir, Firebirds children’s drama troupe, and a new dance/movement group to parenting classes, including parents as spiritual guides?

What if some of the same prime adult education courses that have typically been offered only on Wonderful Wednesdays were shifted to Sunday afternoon so that it would be possible for choir members, families with small children, people with nighttime driving restrictions, people who live in areas that involve considerable travel to get to UUCA to attend as well?

Starting September 20, we are launching enriched Sunday afternoon programming here, preceded by a catered lunch, three Sundays by a private vendor and the first Sunday of the month by our Coming of Age class as a fundraiser for a trip to Boston next year. The cost will be moderate, with children’s meals offered as well.

From 1-3 pm, there will be the kinds of programs I described above, with many more possibilities for multi-generational learning.

What is lacking is a name for this new version of Sunday afternoon. The staff has played with Stick Around Sunday, S-Marvelous Sunday and SUUper Sunday. We are eager to hear from you about these choices or other suggestions. Let me know at if you have additional ideas.

More information will be forthcoming in the September newsletter and other communication venues.

In Spirit,