In UUism, we believe in celebrating and defending the interdependent web of existence. The task of caring for our planet in our current climate, however, can be overwhelming! The UUCA Climate Action Team invites you to join them in saving and savoring the Earth. These tips, musings, and resources make the urgent work of sustainability feel doable and joyful. 


Falling in love with the Earth

I returned recently from a four-day meditation retreat led by monastics from Magnolia Grove Monastery, one of the three U.S.-based practice centers in the Plum Village Tradition of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. As part of our retreat, we participated in walking...

Fighting Soft Climate Denial

Enjoy this month's look at the enviornmentalism journey of one of our most active green team members: Laura Rose. by Laura J. Rose I grew up in North Florida in a family that went camping, canoeing, kayaking, snorkeling, and exploring all year round. We enjoyed the...

Living a CHaRM’d life

Yep. We’re going to talk recycling. I realize that we’ve been talking (usually as opposed to actually) recycling for decades now. The bad news is that the United States is actually recycling less than it used to. Perhaps we have listened to all of the negativity and...


Tree hugger: green and still growing

This is our fourth installment of the "Where I am in my environmentalism journey." Today's feature comes from one of our newest members! BY ANN NEWLAND My first memory of environmental consciousness occurred in the 1960s, in Mr. Nyman's grocery store in Minneapolis. I...

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What’s your worldview? Gulp!

If you’re like me, you cringe when asked epic questions like “What’s your philosophy of life?” or “To whom do you ultimately belong?” Don’t get me wrong: I dig provocative discussion starters, and I’m not averse to sharing big thinking with others. It’s that I can’t...

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Take action now on the Okefenokee

You may have noticed that the Okefenokee has been in the news a lot lately. Last week, the Climate Action Team (CAT) focused its Fun and Easy Activism Zoom meeting on learning the ins and outs of the issue as well as taking positive action to, hopefully, influence our...

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My journey made me “The Recycler”

My climate journey started on the first Earth Day in 1971 when we began recycling newspapers and aluminum cans in Philadelphia. From there, my family moved to Urbana, Illinois, a college town, where there was more awareness of environmental concerns. I joined a group...

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Fun and easy activism for everyone

Are you wanting to do something about the environment but have not been able to find the motivation? Then this opportunity may be for you! Our UUCA Climate Action Team hosts a Fun and Easy Activism session on the first Thursday of each month for people like you and me...

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We’re not alone with these feelings

Many environmental activists – including some on the Climate Action Team – are beginning to share some strong feelings that come after years of engagement. Digesting the statistics, the predictions, the rhetoric, and the politics of climate change is a lot to take....

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“All who wander are not lost”

We bring you the February installment of "Where I am on my environmental journey" with this post from Lizanne Moore. Look forward to hearing from a different member of the Climate Action Team every month in 2024. Are you interested in sharing about your journey? Email...

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Takeaways from COP28

I have been studying and writing about social and environmental justice and peace for almost 40 years because I am passionate about these issues. As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I have always been keenly interested in exploring how communities and nations can be...

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Make an Impact with the Carbon Offset Fund!

When you travel, your trip produces carbon dioxide which ends up increasing global warming. Want to offset your impact? Contribute to COF! Funds are used to implement projects that lower greenhouse gas emissions at UUCA.

Grow your Knowledge with the Lending Library

The Climate Action Team you to browse the 100 titles in its lending library. Select a book to read this summer, then contact the book’s owner via Realm, arrange a time after the service to pick up your book, and dive in! Choices include environmental classics, bestsellers, and recently-published notables.

Be a Change Maker with a COF Grant

Have an idea to make a change at UUCA? The COF grants funds to make projects happen that directly lower the greenhouse gas footprint of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta. Learn more here and apply today!