Creating Safe & Welcoming Community


As a congregation, it is up to each one of us to create and maintain a climate that supports the well-being of everyone in the congregation. Preparing for an outbreak and practicing healthy habits to prevent disease transmission are some of the most pro-social, altruistic things you can do. With that in mind, in this current phase of preparation and prevention, here are a few things we are doing to slow down the spread of COVID-19 and to protect one another to the fullest extent possible:

Last Updated: Thursday, March 20, 11:00 AM

Worship: Beginning Sunday, March 15 we are switching to online worship at 11:00 am. Watch the livestream by visiting Sign up to have the livestream link texted to your phone by texting “MyUUCA” to 84576.

Good Enough Wonderful Wednesday: In lieu of our Wonderful Wednesday fellowship dinner, we are hosting a Wednesday eving online social hour and vespers. Join the live chat and services on our YouTube channel.

Group Meetings: UUCA is closed to all group meetings, events, and rental until further notice. 

Religious Education: Adult, Children’s, and Youth Religious Education classes, including OWL, have been suspended until further notice. We are currently developing plans to for online classes.


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How can I help?

Stay home if :

  • Your are sick.  Do not go to work, school, or church if you are sick or if a family member is sick. Even if you feel that you can rally and try to be productive, consider our neighbors with vulnerable immune systems who may be less able to cope with the illness that you may be carrying. 
  • If you are immuno-compromised or over 65. 

Reach Out:

  • Please reach out to or if you become sick, in quarantine, or are otherwise struggling. Even if we are avoiding face-to-face meetings, we can stave off loneliness by other means. Connect by phone and email if you are feeling isolated.

Practice Prevention:

  • Practice common sense precautions. Wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds. It has been suggested that you can sing the chorus of OutKasts’s hit song “Ms. Jackson” to ensure 20 seconds of hand washing.  Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. Keep separate towels for every member of your household. Cough into your elbow. Clean frequently-used surfaces like telephones and doorknobs.
  • If you have traveled recently to a country or state that has a high level of outbreak, even if you do not have symptoms, please consider self-quarantining until the danger of infection has passed. 
  • Concentrate your information gathering on reliable, data-backed sources that offer strategies and are not overwhelmingly driven by advertisers who profit from your anxiety. This podcast and article from the New York Times provide potential starting places. I found this article from Foreign Policy magazine helpful.

Creating Safe & Welcoming Community

UUCA is committed to maintaining a safe and enriching environment for all. We have created policies and procedures that help protect our community and create an inviting space where we all feel welcome.

Pastoral Care

Your Minster and Lay Ministers are here for you in times of deep sorrow and joy. UUCA has a network of trained and loving Lay Ministers that support our community members 365 days a year. To connect with a Lay Minister, call our Pastoral Care Line at (404) 634-5130 or email us at