Honor Your Life's Story

Rites of Passage at UUCA

The chapters of your life deserve reverence and care. From marriage to memorials and everything in between, UUCA is proud to offer personalized services that honor your rites of passage.  As UUs, we celebrate communal and spiritual diversity. No matter the ceremony, you and your belief system will be honored here!

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You belong at UUCA and so does your love story! A Unitarian Universalist wedding ceremony is a unique celebration of the joining of two people on their life’s journey. There is no set liturgy or format, but rather each ceremony is a creation by a team composed of the couple and the minister.

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child dedications

Whether they’re new to the world or to our UUCA community, children deserve a warm welcome! We offer a naming and dedication ceremony which celebrates each child. This ceremony marks the commitment of the parents and congregation to cultivate the child’s well-being and development through the years. 

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memorial services

You and your beloved deserve peace, care, and compassion. As Unitarian Universalists, we believe loved ones should be remembered for their distinct personalities, and memorial services should respect their spiritual beliefs. We offer venue and officiant services that tailor memorial experiences to you and your beloved. Whether you wish to honor your loved one with humanist poetry, biblical scripture, both, or anything in between, we offer you a tailormade space for remembrance. 

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As Unitarian Universalists, we honor the power of discernment and individual autonomy. We offer personalized divorce rites to mark the release from wedding vows and personal renewal. These ceremonies are highly individualized and may be performed for one person, a couple, or a small group of close loved ones.

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