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People experience a variety of significant life transitions. It is good for the soul to mark these transitions through meaningful rituals. We call these “rites of passage.”

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A Unitarian Universalist wedding ceremony is a unique celebration of the joining of two people on their life’s journey. There is no set liturgy or format, but rather each ceremony is a creation by a team composed of the couple and the minister.

The goal is to create a ceremony that is unforgettably beautiful—one that features the timeless rituals of weddings even as it contains elements which are personal and unique.

Weddings require 4-6 months notice of the officiating minister. They are provided at no charge to people who have been members of UUCA for at least one year. The fee for nonmembers to be married by our Senior Minister Rev. Taryn Strauss is $600. All couples married by Rev. Strauss are required to undergo three pre-marital counseling sessions, the cost of which is included in her fee.

Community Ministers are also available for officiation, and their rates are determined in accordance with UUA guidance. Lay Ministers are available to officiate free of charge.   



child dedications

We love welcoming new children to the world. We offer a naming and dedication ceremony which celebrates each child in their uniqueness and asks for the commitment of the parents and congregation to the child’s well-being and development through the years.

memorial services

Unitarian Universalist memorial service celebrates the life of the deceased. The service is personalized; it is developed by the family and the presiding minister in order to draw hearts together in the healing that people can offer one another in times of great loss.

Usually there are tributes from family members and friends of the deceased, a homily and prayer/meditation offered by the presiding minister, and beautiful music. The service is not so much about ending the relationship with the deceased as beginning a new way of appreciating their life.

Memorial services are provided at no charge to UUCA members. Senior Minister Rev. Strauss performs services for nonmembers for a fee of $400. When advanced notice is possible, 2-3 months is preferred.

It is UUCA policy that officiants for memorials in our building are UUCA clergy or Lay Ministers.



When people marry, they make vows to each other. When the marriage ends, it is emotionally helpful and healing to be released from such vows and to begin again in a spirit of compassion, forgiveness, and hopefulness.

Questions about the Unitarian Universalist Ceremony of Hope (more can be found at BeliefNet).


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