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UUCA’s Children and Youth Religious Education is multifaceted and values connection. Children and youth have the opportunity to participate in developmentally-appropriate programming that includes the exploration of multiple faith traditions and our Unitarian Universalist values. Not only do they develop friendships with each other; they also benefit from dedicated adult leaders and mentors.

“It takes a village,” and with our focus on building multiple relationships within the faith community, our hope is to help parents parent beyond their capacity.


Our child care experience is hosted by two professional staff each Sunday and includes stories and free play.

10 AM each Sunday.


Early childhood is filled with curiosity and wonder. Chalice Children strives not just to teach about our Unitarian Universalist faith, but also to provide experiences around the strength of community, the wonder and awe that transcend everyday understanding, and life issues we all share. In a group setting, with loving adult guides, young children can engage in spiritual seeking, develop their openness to sharing, and experience the benefit of a supportive community. Their time in Chalice Children can set a pattern for the rest of their lives and bring lasting benefits.

10 AM each Sunday.

World Religions Through Picture Books (K-Grade 2)

This curriculum introduces world religions through stories and allows the students to explore the differences and similarities to their own lives. Each religion has specially-selected picture books to literally paint a picture of the values, practices, and framework of other religions. As Unitarian Universalists, one of the sources of our living tradition is “the wisdom from the world’s religions…,” and this class provides an age-appropriate introduction.

10 AM each Sunday.

Passport to Spirituality, and Toolbox of Faith (Grades 3-5)

Join us to explore spiritual practices of world religions as we add to our “Passport to Spirituality.” Beyond learning about world religions, we will explore how to utilize world religions to gain wisdom and delve into our own spirituality. We’ll look at holidays and practices of various religions including Islam, Hindu, Taoism, Shawnee (Native America), and many more. After filling our passport, we’ll focus on building our “Toolbox of Faith.”

10 AM each Sunday.

Crossing Paths (Grade 6-7)

We offer our middle schoolers a curriculum of literally “Crossing Paths” with other religions and congregations. The students will learn about each religion in a multi-week multi-step process that includes familiarization, preparation, a field trip / visit, then reflection. This class combines building a Unitarian Universalist identity in the context of interfaith learning, which allows students to have a deeper and more clear understanding of their own faith.

10 AM each Sunday.

Coming of Age (Grades 8-9)

In this phenomenal year-long program (September through May), each student explores their own spirituality. The group does this exploration through discussion, listening to guest speakers, participating in workshops, and working with an adult mentor (each student is paired with an adult-mentor). The program connects prior religious education and life experience, bridging into the upcoming high school YRUU group.

10 AM each Sunday.

“YRUU” - Young Religious Unitarian Universalists (Grade 9-12)

YRUU takes the spiritual lives of our youth seriously! Youth have the opportunity to deepen and explore spiritual practice, to do informed service and social justice action projects together, to develop their leadership skills, and to create bonds that will last a lifetime. For more information or to enroll please email our Youth Coordinator, Catherine Moore.

12:30-1:30 each Sunday.

Combined Nursery/Preschool during Worship

Our multi-age childcare experience is hosted by two professional staff each Sunday during service and includes stories and free play.

Every Sunday at 11.

K-3 Workshops during Worship

Each month, the children experience multiple workshop offerings including age-appropriate yoga and movement games, crafts, and a cultural story/cooking experience.

Every Sunday at 11.


Honest, accurate information about sexuality changes lives. It dismantles stereotypes and assumptions, builds self-acceptance and self-esteem, fosters healthy relationships, improves decision making, and has the potential to save lives. For these reasons and more, we are proud to offer Our Whole Lives (OWL), a comprehensive, lifespan sexuality education curricula for use in both secular settings and faith communities.

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adult religious education

Be a lifelong learner and cultivate your sense of wonder!

Clare Costello
grow your curiosity through our adult religious education offerings. 

This fall semester we’re offering new course tracks featuring classes on “The UU Elevator Pitch,” and many more to be announced!  Join us at 10 AM each Sunday starting August 21st for Soulful Start, an hour of religious education for all ages. 

registration opens later this summer!


A class and community to introduce you to and celebrate the UU faith!

Clare Costello
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