UUCA member Furman Riley starts a 5 part series on Tai Chi Chih.  This first class is an introduction to the practice and will be held from 7-9 PM in the Sanctuary.  The subsequent 4 classes will run from 7:30- 8:30 PM also in the Sanctuary.

Tai Chi Chih (TCC) is an alternative Form of Tai Chi which is based on movements one executes somewhat like ballet movements… from one designated movement to the next one. The movements are executed first on the left side and then on the right side, etc.  With regular execution and commitment, TCC provides the participants with a practice which has the potential of improving balance, increased energy, stamina, and focus, i.e. concentration. In each session, a Practice portion at the end is designed to promote serenity and spiritual fulfillment as one enters into the closing experience.
Furman has been practicing TCC for 29 years, 10 of those as a certified instructor. His daily practice has been a major contributor to his physical, psychological and spiritual health.