Project Phoenix Update – Oct 26

Project Phoenix Update

Our New Home: Options

On September 23, 2018, the Project Phoenix Steering Team met with the congregation and shared the
$5+million construction cost estimate for renovating UUCA’s property at 2650 North Druid Hills Road
NE.  At its September 25th meeting, the UUCA Board identified five options to consider for how to move
forward with our property:

1. Sell the property and look for another location.
2. Do a bare-bones only renovation that meets the building code and not much more.
3. Through value engineering with our architects, construction manager, and engineers, refine
and reduce the cost for the current $5+million proposal to renovate and enhance the
existing buildings.
4. Fully develop the site by renovating and enhancing the existing buildings and build a new
sanctuary and more office/classroom space.
5. Demolish the existing buildings and build new the sanctuary, office, classroom, etc. space
we need and want.

Option 1 was rejected in part because Atlanta’s still-building commercial real estate market means there
are fewer sites available now, so we would not be able to find a comparable location (access, visibility,
part of a vibrant community, in the NE quadrant inside the perimeter) for a lower or comparable price,
even if we did make a profit on the sale of 2650. While the Board thinks Option 2 would be extremely
limiting and not in the best long term interest of the congregation, we will not reject it as an option at
this time.
Meeting with Architects and Formation of PP Finance Teams
The PP Steering Team shared these options with the PP Design and Construction Team and our
architects at a meeting on October 24, 2018. The architects will work with us to estimate the costs and
timelines for options 2 through 4, while the Steering Team works to form PP Finance Teams to help
identify potential funding sources, including a capital campaign, loans, grants, etc. If you would like to
help research our funding options, please contact and share your experience
in fundraising and/or finance.
Further Information on Options
The PP Steering Team and PP Design and Construction Team goal is to have updated information from
the architects and construction manager on options 2.-5. in time to share them with the congregation as
part of the December 16, 2018, Congregational Meeting to vote on UUCA’s operating budget for 2019. If
you have questions or concerns, please share them with the PP Steering Team at or when you see team members at UUCA.  Team members are listed below.
PP Teams
Project Phoenix Steering Team: Dave Spierman, DeAnn Peterson, Carol Ann Arvan, Christian Harden,
Bryce Thomason, Rev. Anthony Makar, Rev. Taryn Strauss
Project Phoenix Design and Construction Team: Pam Kilmer, Lee Cook, Bill Mengel, Hoke Kimball, Kevin
Stephenson, Pat Harris