Project Phoenix Update Aug 26

Project Phoenix

2650 N. Druid Hills Road NE

On August 22 our architects delivered design development drawings for building renovations at 2650 N. Druid Hills Road NE. Our construction manager is expected to provide construction cost estimates based on these preliminary drawings in three weeks.

The Request for Proposal (RFP) for the landscaping and memorial garden design at 2650 N.Druid Hills Road has been drafted and will be shared this week with the PP Landscape and Memorial Garden Team for their comments. Next week the plan is to send the final RFP to the firms already selected by the PP Landscape and Memorial Garden Team as possible designers. The PP Landscape and Memorial Garden Team will review all RFPs completed and submitted by the designers and will then decide which designers to interview. After the interviews, this Team will select their preferred designer for the PP Steering Team to approve and contract for this important work. 

1911 Cliff Valley Way NE
“Ask and ye shall receive.” Well, at least sometimes!  Several congregants have wondered if we can have some of the bricks from the original Cliff Valley building. So the PP Steering Team asked CHOA, and they said yes!  CHOA has agreed to set aside a pallet of reclaimed bricks for UUCA during demolition. The bricks will be stored on the locked basketball court at 2650 N. Druid Hills Road, along with the Cliff Valley addition bricks that were salvaged. It is not known when this will happen, or how many bricks will be on the pallet, so there is not yet a plan for the bricks (depends in part on how many bricks there are).
But the PP Steering Team do want to make some bricks available to UUCA congregants. Several ideas have already been shared with Project Phoenix: use them in the new Memorial Garden, build a labyrinth, sell them as a fundraiser for UUCA, etc. If you have other ideas or thoughts about the bricks, please share them with the PP Steering Team at