Surrender to Love

My outrageous hope
My outrageous desire
Is that everyone’s story ends like this.
Doesn’t matter whether you are gay or straight.
Doesn’t matter how many mommies or daddies are involved.

“Our hearts never left our mothers’ house,” goes the story.
Children returning to be married in the garden.
Where the grandkids took their first steps.
Where Meema and Marmee grew old together.
Where Meema and Marmee were buried.
Where new generations proudly and gratefully inhabit the old rooms where the walls whisper the parent’s names
“All of our hearts find peace whenever we are there”

May everyone’s story end like this
This is a vision of heaven on earth!

But we march today
because there’s lots of Mrs. Lockners in the world
and they want to derail the stories of GLBTQ folk.

They do!

And how tragic if they do..

Know what John Fugelsang says?

The actor, the political commentator? Smart, sharp guy….
He says, “Being gay is natural. Hating gay is a lifestyle choice.”
That’s the depth of the tragedy!

“I don’t appreciate what you two are!” Mrs. Lockner snarled at Meema and Marmee.
That’s the least of what LGBTQ folks deal with.
Matthew Shepard is too much a possibility, even in today’s world,
a world in which marriage equality has finally been validated by the Supreme Court..

Pride marches exist not because things are easy.
Pride marches exist because things are hard, and scary,
and the hate in the world is vicious,
and the self-hatred and shame are vicious.
So answer back with Pride.

Pride is on the side of nature!
Don’t let a mere lifestyle choice win!
Answer back!

Let me hear you say Pride!


Mrs. Lockner says what she says.
She spews her ignorance and hatred
but then the story continues on right past her…

Mrs. Lockner is not the last word.
The story blows right on past her, and the end
belongs to Marmee and Meema and their family and love alone.

Again and again, it’s my outrageous hope,
my outrageous desire.
Everyone’s story ending like this.
A world where someone’s hate is just another bump in the road
and we blow right past
to the beautiful ending of our story
and no one can take that away,
and the walls of the house whisper our names
and hearts find peace whenever we are there….

No one left out of this.

That’s why we march.