The work of UUCA is guided by a comprehensive set of executive policies and procedures, organized into eight functional categories. Click the links below to view a copy of the current policy and/or procedure. 


UUCA Governance


UUCA Bylaws 

Board Policies

Policy for Delegates for the UUA General Assembly


People and Relationships


Anti-racism, Anti-oppression, and Multiculturalism (ARAOMC)

Covenant of Healthy Relationships

Staff Covenant

Serious Covenant Breach Policy 

Anti-Harassment Policy 


Staff Policies and Procedures


UUCA Personnel Manual  


Communications Policies and Procedures


Communications Policy

UUCA Style Guide

Community Signage and Literature Policy

Social Media Policy 

Public Image Credibility of UUCA Policy 

Copier Postage Code Risk Management 

Intellectual Property Information and Records Policies & Procedures


Facilities Use Policies and Procedures

Anti-Harassment Policy (Dec 2012)

Emergency Action Plan UUCA Treehouse (March 2019)

Environmental Policies for UUCA (Dec 2011)

Facility Use Guidelines (Feb 2008)

Facility Use Rules and Procedures Handout (Dec 2012)

Food Allergy Policy

Accessible Door Opener Procedure for Turning ON

Hold Harmless Agreement (Nov 2011)

Internal Groups Use of Space & Cancellations (2024)

Key Door Code Risk Management Procedures (Dec 2011)

Library Policy (2020)

Recycling Procedures Tree House

UUCA Disability Policies (Sept 2014)

Accessibility Audit Form (Sept 2014)


Financial Policies and Procedures

Gift Acceptance Policy and Procedures (Feb 2022)

Grants and Contracts Policy and Procedures (Jan 2012)

Purchasing Policy and Procedures (Oct 2011)

UUCA Check Request for Corporations (2016)

UUCA Direct Deposit Authorization for Electronic Reimbursements and 1099 Payments to Individuals (2016)

UUCA Employee Direct Deposit Debit Authorization (2015)


UUCA Reimbursement and Payment Request (2021)

UUCA Reimbursement and Payment Procedure for Staff, Congregants and 1099 Vendors (2015)

Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual (2012)

Financial Policies and Procedures (Jan 2012)


Safety and Security

Incident Reporting Procedures (Nov 2011)

Inclement Weather and Emergency Closings Procedures (JAN 2017)

Child Abuse Prevention Reporting Policy (Nov 2011)

Childcare Child Supervision Policies (May 2016)

Communicating During a Mental Health Crisis Procedure (2008)


Program Related Policies

UUCA Groups Policy (2018)

Wonderful Wednesdays Guidelines (2013)

ACSJP Policy (2015)

Adult Religious Education Policies and Procedures (2019)


Integrated Auxiliary of UUCA Policy

Meetings during worship

RE Family Handbook (2012)