People With a Passion for Justice

The UUCA Board of Trustees has completed one full year of monitoring the policy-based governance system that helps keep UUCA working smoothly. This past month we took a closer look at the Ends Statement: UUCA’s gift to the world of people with a passion for justice. This Ends Statement is very popular and conversations with people of our congregation highlighted many of the excellent social justice projects: Give Away the Plate, Give Away the Space, Care of the Earth team, Hope School project, ABLE, just to name a few.

The conversations that the board has had with the congregation have provided an invaluable insight into the needs and desires of the congregation. When the Ends Statements were originally written, we utilized information from the Appreciate Inquiry process from 2005. As we continue to have conversations, we see that there may be some changes ahead in the Ends Statements and in some of the policies. These changes are in line with the whole system of policy-based governance, as all documents are considered “living documents.” The key component of the policy-based system is the process—staying in conversation with the congregation and adapting to the needs of the congregation as a whole.

We look forward to many more conversations with you.

DeAnn Peterson
President, UUCA Board of Trustees