Thank you for powering UUCA!

Your pledges are more than just financial contributions; they’re a reflection of your faith and commitment to our shared mission and community. If you’ve signed on as a traditional pledged for the year, make sure you set up your payment schedule!

Go to and follow the steps to set up your payment schedule. Where your pledge is the promise of your support, your payment schedule ensures UUCA receives those funds as intended.


Why Your Pledge Needs Annual Renewal:
Did you know that each January marks a new beginning for your pledge commitment? This might seem a bit different compared to other subscriptions or bills you’re used to, like Netflix, which continue seamlessly as long as you’re enjoying the service.
Here’s why church pledging is unique:
  • Finite Commitment: Just like completing payments on a car or a mortgage, your pledge for a particular year (like 2023) has a defined end. Once fulfilled, no further payments are required for that period.
  • New Year, New Pledge: When you graciously commit to a pledge for the next year (like 2024), it’s viewed as a brand-new commitment, reflecting your ongoing support and faith in our mission.
  • Active Participation Required: For traditional pledges, it’s essential to set up a new payment schedule each January. This isn’t automatic – it’s a step that requires your involvement to ensure your continued support aligns with your intentions.


Introducing Sustainer Pledges – A Streamlined Option:

This year, we introduced the Sustainer Pledge option, offering a more continuous support system without the need for annual renewal. This method mirrors the convenience of services like Netflix, where your support continues without an end date, providing us with a more predictable and stable cash flow.

Looking Ahead – Consider Sustainer Pledging for 2025:
As you fulfill your 2024 commitment, we encourage you to consider switching to the Sustainer Pledge for the next year. This shift will ease the annual setup process, ensuring your support remains uninterrupted and more manageable for you.


We’re Here to Help:

If you need assistance in setting up your new payment schedule or have questions about transitioning to a Sustainer Pledge, our team is ready to guide you through the process. Your involvement and understanding are pivotal to the success of our community. You can reach us by email at