Our programs for middle school and high school youth strive to:

  • Create safe and enjoyable activities
  • Create an inclusive community where all feel welcome
  • Work towards the goal of social justice in our wider community
  • Provide opportunities for youth to connect with the larger congregation
  • Provide opportunities for spiritual growth
  • Promote youth leadership
  • Prepare and support adults for ministry with youth

Classes for grades 6th – 12th are offered at 11:00 am, and youth choir is held at 12:00 pm.

2018-2019 RE Curricula

6th-8th Grade (Room 3
Heeding the Call
“The very least you can do in your life is to figure out what you hope for. And the most you can do is live inside that hope. Not admire it from a distance but live right in it, under its roof.” — Barbara Kingsolver, author

As Unitarian Universalists, we are called not to admire justice from a distance but to live right in it, under its roof. This series of engaging, interactive workshops encourage youth to reflect on their own lives while also making connections to the lives lived by others. This both/and approach increases youth’s self-awareness while also developing leadership skills. The stories offer real-life examples of people facing the complexities of living lives of justice. It is under this roof that the youth become Justice Makers. Our teachers Nia Schooler, Eben Buchanan, and Mary “Liebs” Liebman are committed to making this a dynamic, and deep year for our 6th-8th Graders.

YRUU (Room 4)
Young Religious UUs 9th-12th grade
With Ayanna Stringer at the helm, this is shaping up to be an exciting year for YRUU. Our energetic Youth Advisors Leta Woo, Carl Pelizza and Peter Rinehart are committed to taking the spiritual lives of our youth seriously and offering them ways to deepen and explore spiritual practice, to do informed service and social justice action projects together, to develop their leadership skills, and to create bonds that will last a lifetime. The youth determine their own activities and outcomes in the spirit of the Youth Empowerment educational model.

Newcomers are always welcome. Registration is required for regular participation. 2018 – 2019 Registration Form. 

Weekend programs and summer camps are available at The Mountain, a Unitarian Universalist camp and conference center in Highlands, NC.