UUCA Art Gallery is the longest continually running volunteer gallery in Atlanta. Our art gallery hosts a new exhibit every month. Contact Kathy Collins at mkcollinsart@gmail.com for more information.



August 2016 Exhibit

Please be sure to spend time in the gallery with Terri Enfield’s and Jan Schefstad’s work.  The pieces include abstract paintings, collages, and photography/encaustic.  Their art is beautiful, thought provoking, dynamic and contemplative, and priced very well.  The show will be up through August.



Nathaniel Emerson is an Atlanta based artist with a new approach to some more classic themes. He got his degree from The Atlanta College of Art as a painting individualized major, he also studied photography, printmaking and videography. As Emerson built up his post- grad body of work, he started a painting business on the side with a fellow

Rain on Atlanta Stage

Rain on Atlanta Stage

ACA graduate, Robyn Musto.  The duo painted murals in bedrooms and kitchens around Atlanta, building their skills and honing their visual intuition. Emerson now teaches at the Paideia School in the Druid Hills neighborhood, and is an instructor at Callanwolde Fine Arts Center. His two loves, women and trains, have been key inspirations for his recent work. “I used these subjects as images,” says Emerson, “to try to express my feelings about the current state of contemporary society.”  He portrays women with grace and beauty but with a major emphasis on their humanity.  The steam locomotives too, burst with class and style, echoing a nostalgic feeling of loss, the effects of a society in a state of flux in a post boom era. His work brings beauty from sadness and frustration and packages it in such a way that the viewer wants to climb into the work and understand its deeper meaning.

Enjoy this wonderful exhibit and the next time you see Roger or Steve, stop to thank them for sharing their gifts with us!