New UUCA Board Members

New UUCA Board Members

UUCA’s Board of Trustees is pleased to welcome two new trustees and to introduce them to the congregation.  

In January the board asked Kevin Stephenson to fill Bill Kramer’s unexpired 2.5 year term. In January, Bill agreed to serve as interim Finance Trustee through May 2018. As background, Bill was elected as Board Trustee in May 2017 and is now completing the remaining 5 months of the two year Finance Trustee term originally held by Paul Deckard. Lyn Conley generously served as interim Finance Trustee from June 2017 (when Paul moved to Denver and resigned as Finance Trustee) through December 2017. Bill now replaces Lyn for the last 5 months.

Confused yet? Hope not, because there’s more. 

In January Mike Kuhar resigned as a board trustee to focus on fresh goals and new directions. In February the board asked Elisabeth Schreibfeder to fill the remaining four months of Mike’s term. Elisabeth has agreed to serve as board trustee through May 2018. 

These board selections, which were made in consultation with the Nominating Committee, are in accordance with Article X, Section B.1. of the UUCA By-Laws, which provide for the filling of open board positions that occur between congregational meetings called for the election of officers. 

We thank Kevin, Bill, Lyn, Paul, Mike and Elisabeth for their service to UUCA. Leadership is an exercise in teamwork, and we are fortunate to have these gifted, committed congregants serve with us, past and present. Please thank them all, next time you see them at UUCA.

Together in service,
Carol Ann Arvan
UUCA President Elect