New Boards in UUCA Social Hall

New Boards in UUCA Social Hall!

Have you been missing the helpful reminders, community flyers, and sharing of important resources on the community boards in the Social Hall. Well, we’ve brought them back in a big way! 

A few weeks ago, someone jokingly said “if it’s not announced on Sunday, we don’t know it’s happening.” Now, we know that’s not exactly true, but it’s undeniable: Sunday is the single largest gathering of UUCA folks and a huge opportunity to connect. 

The Community News board is a great way for you to get your events and announcements in front of the congregation! This is especially useful to new folks in our community who may not be as plugged in congregational life at UUCA. So if you have a post about The Mountain, want to invite people to your new social group, or direct people to local events, please be sure you make use of this space. The Community News board will be seen by hundreds of folks every week.

Already thinking about posting a flyer for your next event? Starting today, you can submit your flyer by dropping it in the submission folder located on the board. Our Office Volunteers will check the folder daily to stamp and post your flyer. Take a quick peek at the simple post process and requirements. 

Nicole Pressley 
Director of Communications