Board President: Christian Harden
Board president Elect: Jennifer Thilo
Financial Trustee: Bryce Thomason
Secretary: Sean Golan
Board Members: Jen Bain, John Duggar, Sharon T. Glass, Jon Johnson, Dave Spierman

Meeting Host: Sean
Process observer: Jon
Chalice lighter: John
Guests: Paul Lowery, Carol Ann, DeAnn Peterson


Project Phoenix Town Hall- October 23 from 7:30pm-9:00pm and October 27 from 12:20pm-1:50pm

Donuts and Discussion- October 27, 2019. The topic is the creation of an ARAOMC Committee from 10:35am-10:50am

Make your pledge by October 31, 2019

Staff Analysis Task Force- Will table for now

SUULE Representative, Jennifer Thilo, Leta Woo & Ayanna Stringer- October 20-25, 2019 in Wirtz, Virginia

Board Expectations for the year:
● Policy for the following committees: Healthy Relations, ARAOMC and Generosity and Stewardship, Social Justice Work (Poverty)
● Creation of a dashboard
● Visual Timeline to the congregation: Feasibility Plan to First Worship Service at 2650
● Braving Space and The Mountain Summit

Board Education

Project Phoenix and Feasibility Team

● New Phase of Project Phoenix!
○ -Ask all the questions & get on the same page about our joint decision moving forward.
○ -Carol Ann & DeAnn are here to share the details & field questions the board may have.

● Carol Ann-Brief History of the project
○ September 2018- found out the cost of renovations for the new property would exceed what we had from selling old property
○ May 2018- Engaged Cox Curry to look into a little more detail
○ Today Option 4 is estimated to cost $9.9 Million
■ Includes:
● $7 million Construction costs
● $1.5 million for contingencies
● $ for inflation
■ Cases study done.
○ Today Option 3 is estimated to cost $6.5 Million
■ Includes:
● $4.8 million for Construction costs
● $1 Million for contingencies
● $ for inflation
○ Project Phoenix Steering committee recommends moving forward with Option 3
■ Revise the case study to reflect this
● Dave-Numbers
○ Overview of numbers
■ New Energy code for energy efficiency
■ Option 3 the estimate is more firm.
● DeAnn -Refresher on differences btw Optn 3 & 4
○ Display boards shown
○ Option 3
■ Sanctuary seats= 280
■ Admin offices in main building
○ Option 4
■ Sanctuary seats=400
■ Admin Offices in new part of building
■ New Chapel
■ New Sanctuary
● Bryce- Feasibility Potential Estimate
○ Need firm amount to actually test what is feasible
○ Some preliminary forecasting based on past giving history
○ Pledge 2014-$800K
○ Pledging 2019-$650K
○ General rule of thumb for capital campaign
■ annual pledge revenue X5 for congregations used to asking for gifts and receiving them.
● Est.=$3 million
● Cliff Valley Proceeds $5 million
■ UUCA so far does NOT indicate a culture of giving that is sufficient to meet/exceed the X5 rule of thumb for
● No indications of “sleeper” millionaires in the congregation
● Option 4 would require multiple million+ gifts
● Emphasis on individual gifts will be necessary
○ Individual giving will make up 65% of the giving
■ Option 3 will be a stretch
○ Carol Ann-
■ Seeking a Board vote and endorsement of shifting to Option 3 as our focus.
● Not a dream denied, a dream altered and deferred
● Board Questions:
○ Sharon-Capital campaign
■ Have we considered a mortgage?
● Carol Ann-concerns about servicing it, stewardship would need to remain steady/grow
○ our finances would are not likely to support a mor
● Bridge loan more feasible

○ Jen Bain
■ Additional Costs from Cox Curry
● Bryce-several thousand $
■ Interest rate different?
● length of construction factored in for both, Tariffs etc.
■ Questions we need to answer most:
● Why is this taking so long?
○ Openness takes time
○ Evaluating options takes time
○ Town halls
○ Now getting into holiday season, which impacts feasibility study
○ Jon- How are we going to raise this money for even Option 3?
■ Reduce asperations?
■ Carol Ann- we will make it work
● either cut on plans
● find money somewhere else
● Last capital campaign came-up short & we made a

○ Jen-How much do we have left from the sale?
■ $2 million left (conservatively)
■ Option 3 would need to raise $4.5 million

○ Sean-Are we being strategic in Option 3 to make sure we set-ourselves up for future renovation?
■ Wiring for Solar etc.
● DeAnn-yes

○ Christian invites Pau’s input
■ The rule of thumb x5 was the same 20yrs ago & worked 20yrs ago.
○ John- There are innovative ways to create revenue streams
■ Solar power cost sharing offers capex savings
■ Combination of commercial kitchen, social hall, and new restrooms offers excellent new rental opportunities
● Dave- All of these will be considered in the Civil Engineering phase.

○ Jon-How much of this will be shared with the congregation?
■ DeAnn-All of it

○ Jen- Need to see the simple slide
■ How much money

○ John-Last Capital campaign- ⅓ -gave majority ⅓ gave what they could, ⅓ gave nothing.

○ Jon Invites Taryn’s input
■ All Souls Capital Campaign- everyone got taken to lunch
● 99% participation
○ Jen Should we be pitching
■ Option 2
● No new parking
● No new HVAC
● Pretty much only bringing the electrical up to code
● $2.5 million costs

○ Revised Timeline
■ 11/15 Case Study/Feasibility Study
■ Feb, 2020-Capital Campaign begin
■ Move in mid-late 2021

Dave- Moves that the board supports Option 3 going forward
Motion Passes Unanimously

Annual Vision of Ministry Overview

● Worship Theme meeting worked
● Taryn preached too many sermons in a row
○ not enough budget to pay guest speakers
● Meetings with Atlanta Ministers
● Possibility of a new prison ministry is moving forward to find prisons to that will work with us.
● Low pride parade turnout- looking into reasons?
○ Further LGBT community engagement?
■ Bryce-Interweave disbanded last year
● New Hire Proceeding slowly due to concerns about funding
● Encouraging feedback via e-mail & meeting
● Worthy Beyond Worth
● Curtain behind the pulpit Sally Yerger taking point of that

The Work of the Board

Decisive Action
The Minutes from August 2019 Board Meeting were approved via email.
-Sean will send via- e-mail

● No reports for last month because:
○ Brooks Mcgenis-(Erick) had questions but were unable to have them answered because Travis & Gary were both on vacation at the same time. Not able to generate the reports.
● Operations are fully funded, bills are being paid
● New property Insurance now a Project Phoenix expense & operations fund reimbursed
● Replenishment of emergency operations fund is in process & more details forthcoming once the finance reports are available.
● Jon- insurance sub-committee needed?
○ John-Finance sub-committee to evaluate coverage levels?
■ Committee will consider it.

ARAOMC Discernment
● Presentation rolling out the ARAOMC Advisory Council this Sunday 10/27
○ Tony Stringer will be the Committee Chair
○ Sharon is the Board Liaison
○ 4 new members to be put forth by the congregation
○ Will Require By-law change to add the duty to the nominating committee
● ARAOMC Committee (Board Committee) exists to set-up the ARAOMC Advisory Council & plans to disband once it is complete
○ ARAOMC Advisory Council will be a Congregational Committee
● Christian- Plans to require that 1 board member be a liaison to the ARAOMC Advisory Council & require ARAOMC experience as a condition for that Board position.
● Jen- Job description being written up so that the Nominating Committee can eventually take on the work of finding new members
● Jennifer- ARAOMC Advisory
● Taryn-Healthy Relations Committee exits to deepen congregation’s connection to the Covenant of Healthy Relations
○ ARAOMC Advisory Council wll exist ●
● 1 Board member who has served for…. on the ARAOMC Advisory Council?

Minutes_2019_10_Board Meeting