Annual Vision of Ministry (AVOM) Overview

No presentation, Rev. Strauss on leave

Decisive Action

The Minutes from the June 2019 Board Meeting were approved
via email.

Responding with One Voice: If you can tell me that the
congregation through these discussions can in fact alter any of
the particulars of the option the board has chosen, I’ll feel
slightly better about the general abnegation of our principles
that has characterized this whole process from the start. Can
you state that we the congregation can change any of the
particulars of this chosen option?


*Christian will provide budget for archivist in August 2019.
● Bryce notes slow down occurring in pledges during this
summer period. Reasons for down tick are unclear.
Will keep an eye on it. Wil get more information
July numbers are in.
● Current income ahead of projected for this time.
● Watching
○ Comparing numbers to budget instead of year
over year.
● Operational support from project Phoenix is still needed
to cover costs.
● Starting to track “burn rate” (how much money we
spend monthly).
Planning to
● Jon asks about outsourcing of accounting
Bryce will present on that in next Board meeting
● Jon moves to approve June budget
Dave seconds the motion.

Travis notes that the security guard was an unbudgeted
line item and by transferring it into the general operating
budget it is no longer a balanced budget.
● Motion to approve the June budget passes
● Bryce presents on meeting Cox Curry about the
intersection of programming, budget. It has taken 4-5
months to gather all the information Cox Curry has
sought to create the next stage of proposal.
○ Karen (case writer) is paid hourly so once the
writing process begins we will seek to minimize
all the
● Delivery of report now estimated in October
● Christian has requested this change be added to the
weekly update
● Jon notes appreciatively the quality and significance of
Bryce’s work thus far

Project Phoenix

● Fountain U living facility across the street from new
property will rent parking spaces for overflow parking.
They will from UUCA at $250.00 per day of use. Dave
drew up a rental agreement based on previous version
to use as contract.
● Jon notes insurance company should be informed.
○ Travis makes note to do so.
● Sign
○ Latest design for sign
○ 12’ $40,000.00
○ 8’ $20,000
■ stacked stone generally likes
○ Visibility from road concern discussed
■ cannot be moved closer to the road due
to community
○ Bryce asks for timeline of approval
■ Dave would like approval by next Board
○ Dave notes that as a structure over 8’ tall it will
require a building permit and would like to start
permitting process as soon as possible
○ Travis requests considering making the logo
portion of sign removable/replaceable for future
○ Dave moves that the board approve an
expenditure not to exceed $45,000 and process
to acquire and build a sign from United Sign
similar to the latest design presented for a 12’
■ Sharon seconds
■ Motion passes unanimously
● Dave presents on newest preliminary design sketch
○ New rounded design
○ Elevator location to change to be closer to
○ Chapel will be closer to parking spaces
○ Lots of windows
○ 4 wks until schematic drawing (due
■ Chapel with 150 person Revenue
○ John notes that rebuilding sanctuary is more
expensive than using more of the existing
■ John also notes glass wall faces south
east and makes the position of the sun a
■ Dave notes the designers are aware of
that issue and considering it as they
continue creating a more formal design.

UUCA Board Policies

● Christian presents Overview of Board Policy
○ Article X Section D. requires the Board to meet 9
months of the year. Currently the Board has
meet all 12 months of the year.
○ Christian proposed that we forgo meeting in
December as long as our work is done and the
congregational meeting goes well.
● Christian proposes the Board keep track of number of
pledges and the median pledge going forward.

Open Question- How to implement our commitment to healing
poverty in Atlanta?

● Jon notes the next step is to meet with Rev. Strauss
○ Common date for that meeting is unclear.
○ Jon plans to continue reporting back to Board
each month on progress.
○ Christian asks Bryce about Partnership with
Toco Hills, and
■ possible meal servicing (soup kitchen)
● backpacks of food for the
weekend for kids who do not
have them, etc.
■ Jon notes Second Helpings Atlanta
former Executive Director encouraged us
to do one thing exceptionally well instead
of going shallow and broad
○ Christian notes the congregation needs to lead
on this.
○ John notes healing poverty is a noble goal, but
lots of ways to help and expresses concern
about how broad the issues
○ Jen suggests poverty simulation for
○ Travis notes that more information about where
our efforts will make a difference is needed.

Board Committees Overview to Support New Members: (5
min. max)

Healthy Relationships Discernment (Jennifer)

● Jennifer notes next step is to meet with Rev. Strauss for
a direction to move forward and gather information from
past committee members
○ Notes tension between individuality v.
community mindsets.
ARAOMC Discernment & Way Forward Team (Sharon)
● Sharon distributes UUCA’s Anti-racism, AntiOppression,and Multiculturalism resolution for review of
the “THEREFORE” section.
○ Will meet with Rev. Strauss when she is back
from leave in August.
● Reviewed point 9. from “What Success Looks Like”

○ ARAOMC Advisory Council

■ Board previously approved creation of
this council of individuals of diverse
● 2yr commitment
● No term limit
■ Next steps:
● Roll-out ARAOMC Advisory
Council and Covenant to
● Hold town halls for ARAOMC
● Christian notes this is a topic well suited for Donuts and
Generosity and Stewardship (Jen)
● Jen distributes proposed structure for Generosity and

Stewardship Committee

○ feedback from Board by 8/6/19
○ Strategy group “Generosity Think Tank” (working
○ Stewardship Team
■ Staff member time needed in order
ensure team functions smoothly
● up to Rev. Strauss
○ Capital Campaign info with Bryce
■ Cross communication between financial
groups at UUCA important
■ Rev. Strauss to sit on Stewardship
Committee? (Will ask)
○ Next steps
■ By-law amendment to task Nominating
Committee with nominating members for
○ Bryce asks about stop-gap measures for this
year’s stewardship chair?

■ Jen no Stewardship Chair found yet
■ Concerns about stewardship running late
● Late Stewardship Campaign is
part of how Budget become
unbalanced last year.
■ How to combine Stewardship and Capital
Nominating Committee (Jon)- (August 2019 meeting)
● No update meeting will not meet until August