UUCA Nominating Committee Meeting

January 8, 2020

6:30 pm



Nominating Committee Members: Barbara Begner, Suzanne Wilson, Alice Harvey, Chris Martin, Cheryl Delaney

Board Liaison: Jon Johnson


Chalice Lighting and Opening Words



Reviewed timeline for nomination process – where are we and what comes next?

On track for this year. Next big step involves soliciting nominations from the congregation in January.


**Executive session to discuss possible nominees for Finance Trustee, Board and Stewardship Committee**



Plan for upcoming meetings: 

January: the committee will hold a public meeting on 1/26 to inform congregants about open positions and solicit nominations


February: the committee will review proposed names and consider interviewing candidates


March: the committee will begin contacting nominees and refining the list of candidates


April: the committee will finalize the slate of nominees for the Congregational Meeting in May


Closing words and extinguishing of chalice.



  • Team members to reach out to potential nominees and report back with responses to the rest of the committee


Next Meeting: Wednesday, February 12, 6:30 pm 


Closing Words