Chalice Lighting

  • Cherokee Parable -The Wolf You Feed


Donuts and Discussion- June 30, with the Feasibility Study as the topic.

  • Bryce, DeAnn and David

Thank You Messages for the Month

  • Thank You to Guest Speaker Rev. Rhett Baird
  • Thank You & well wishes in to Tony Knupple
  • Thank You Fred Vermillion

Circle of Connection

If you were to write your Autobiography, what would the title be and why.

  • Finding my Roots-Christian
  • How to Walk the Line and not get caught…Mostly-Sean
  • I Love You All -Dave


  • UUA Chapter on Record Keeping
  • Past-Present-Future
  • Margot Dixon contacted for background
  • Improper cataloging, numerous problems with archive procedures that result in no access or ineffective access.
  • Lost institutional memory, doomed to repeat past errors, no pride/memory of past accomplishments
  • New Terabyte HD with documents by date
  • Documents Scattered, some at Atl. History Center, some @ UUCA, some @ Emory Pitts Holdings, some with congregants, some lost.
  • Seek to Establish goals, procedures(IP waivers, donating record, etc.), AV archives, SOP for sending archives to UUA
  • Call for Archivist volunteers
  • Ron Davis compiled & labeled many of the documents
  • Music Recording Archives?-Sharon
    • CD’s starting 2005-present
  • What would a budget look like?-Christian
    • Debra with follow
    • Possible line item in budget
    • Pivotal time in congregation-Rev. Strauss
  • Church of Our Father(pre-UUCA) stood where the Dekalb/Fulton County, Margaret Michell’s mother suffragette meetings hosted by us, etc.
  • Applications for capital campaign (budget for archives, easier access

Annual Vision of Ministry (AVOM) Overview

Manage the cultural transition by communicating changes and articulating an aspirational vision.

Lead Congregation to coalesce around a shared mission/vision for the future.

Support Diversity and Inclusion including, especially around class and economic differences in our congregation, to Build Beloved Community

  • Work in progress, reformatting, uploaded to Teamwork
  • DLRE (Director of Lifespan Religious Education) search on going, posted, some interviews done while @ GA.
    • Posting reviewed & targeting specific educator and educators of colors
    • Committee Formed,
  • Membership Director search beginning
    • Need Advisory Committee
  • Committee on Ministry for Rev. Strauss
    • Jason Delaney (possible invite to speak at Board Meeting?)
  • Coxe Curry – Bold New Thing- congregant researching feasibility.
  • Membership Coordinator search beginning
  • Strauss joined Georgia Interfaith Policy Coalition
  • Forging Community Partnerships with Dekalb Co. jail ministry
    • Suzanne Wilson has contacts in Dlk
  • Feminist Womans Health Center potential partner?

Decisive Action

The Minutes from the April 2019 Board Meeting were approved via email.


  • Reserve Accounts are now totally separate
    • Effectively making a “lock-box” of funds
  • Minister’s Beneficence Fund being spun off to another account.
  • 4 separate “funds” will be created @ beginning of 2020
  • Separate checks will now be issued from the separate Project Phoenix Fund for money
  • Project Phoenix Revenue Expense -Dave
    • Security Guard line item will be transferred to Operating Budget line item
  • Jon moves to accept financial reports.
    • Dave Seconds the motion.
    • motion passed unanimously.


  • Christian encourages Board Members to put Board Covenant into practice by selecting a bullet point to focus on embodying for each meeting.

 Project Phoenix

  • $20,000.00 for new sign
    • LED 4×8 ft
    • Possibilities for programming
      • USB
      • Internet connected
      • Satelite
    • 2 sign companies will submit bids
    • Exact design specs still needed
  • Solar option for sign? -Jon
    • Unknown -Dave
  • Partnership with Alzheimers Care Facilities ?
    • Possible programming
    • Caregiver support groups
    • Entrees into community
    • possible parking lot sharing
    • Plan to allow them to use our parking when they are having larger gatherings.
  • Coxe Curry sought additional input for plans on 6/21/19
    • Schematic Phase
      • basic floor plan, elevation, etc
    • Design Development for full price-out
      • 2 Wks lead time
        • will run concurrently with Schematic Phase
      • IF Charette is held on 7/2/19 THEN 5wks
        • $25,000.00 additional for architects
        • Creative Sunk cost?-Jen
        • Work we have to do anyway? -Jennifer
      • Charette to further develop vision with Architects, Coxe Curry 1-5pm Tuesday 7/2/19
        • programmatic, aesthetics
  • Will help write feasibility study
  • Will $25,000 go toward end products we need
  • Who will attend the Charette?
    • Key stakeholders to attend by invitation only, Board, Rev. Strauss, and congregational leaders as Rev. Strauss and Board deem appropriate.
  • Transparency
    • truncated timeline due to short notice from Coxe Curry & Architects.
    • will notify congregation at Donuts and Discussion on Sunday 6/30/19.
  • Motion to approve an expenditure not to exceed $25,000.00 for a charette to further design development, for capital campaign -Jen
    • Dave Seconded the motion.
    • Vote
      • Motion passes unanimously

Home Learning for next Month (June):

UUCA Bylaws and UUCA Board Policies

  • Review of articles
  • Membership rolls
    • Code only for: member, visitor, other
      • Travis culled member names of those who had no donation of record in last 2 years for UUA Member tally and communication purposes.
    • Nominating Committee duties change?-Christian
    • Board Minutes need to sent to
    • Bylaws changes
      • emergency carve out in “lease” to allow board to sign new leases

Small Group Ministries

  • Will discuss more in depth next meeting.

SUULE (Jennifer)

  • Jennifer going to SUULE in October. Will discuss more in depth next meeting.

Board Expectations for the year:

  • Policy for the following committees: Healthy Relations, ARAOMC and Generosity and Stewardship, Social Justice Work (Poverty)
    • Tabled until July Board Meeting
  • Creation of a dashboard
    • Tabled until July Board Meeting
  • What is best for the congregation to outsource finance, tickle with the process or remain the same?
    • Tabled until July Board Meeting
  • Visual Timeline to the congregation: Feasibility Plan to 2650
    • Tabled until July Board Meeting
  • Communication Strategy
    • Tabled until July Board Meeting

Open Question- How to implement our commitment to healing poverty in Atlanta?

  • Will have more for July 23rd Board Meeting
  • Take a stand or Take a Public Stand
  • Nominating Committee Briefing
    • Request time in each board meeting to update the Board on actions & issues in each meeting.
    • Will first meet August 25th
    • Suggested setting a date and canceling if no business.
  • Jen found omissions in Board Member Description
    • will e-mail Jon

Board Committees Overview to Support New Members: (2 min. max)

  • Tabled until July Board Meeting

Healthy Relationships Discernment (Jennifer)

  • Tabled until July Board Meeting

ARAOMC Discernment & Way Forward Team (Sharon)

  • Tabled until July Board Meeting

Generosity and Stewardship

  • Issues:
    • Burnout, struggling to keep volunteers
    • Need additional dedicated staff time for databasing, data collection, reports, etc.
    • Need additional hands on volunteers
    • How to facilitate culture shift in talking about money.
      • How to increase capable and willing volunteers
    • Database problems brought up again.
    • Contact other large Congregations

Bylaw Committee (Sharon)

  • Tabled until July Board Meeting

PEM (Christian)

  • Tabled until July Board Meeting

Board Meeting Roles and Details

  • Tabled until July Board Meeting

Process Observation

  • Observed covenant
    • Moments of different
    • Remained on task
    • Spent more time on
    • AROMAC not addressed specifically in this meeting
    • High moment role of historic place in Atlanta.
    • Low moment cost of Charette & new sign

Extinguishing the Chalice

  • Power and Love together -MLK