Chalice Lighting

“Chalice lighting for the New Year”


 Update of Restorative Justice Conference

    • Conferences have been held, parties have met.
    • The process has not yet resolved the issues.

Board Expectations for the year:

  • Policies for the following committees have been completed. Now it is time to get the committees up and functioning:
    • Healthy Relations Committee
      • First meeting will be held next month.
      • Goal of raising awareness about our Covenant and facilitating a healthy conflict resolution process.
    • ARAOMC Committee
  • ARAOMC Policies-
    • Article XIII- Section B. Additional Minister: Additional Minister shall be a minister in fellowship with the UUA or be a credentialed minister in another denomination and hold Aspirant or Candidate status for fellowship with the UUA (Donuts and Discussion in Feb. 23, 2020)- I have asked Cindy Hoffner to wordsmith
      • Sean-Have we considered adding a provision that requires a majority approval congregational vote to approve an associate minister if they are not credentialed with the UUA?
        • Sharon-We have.
      • Further Discussion Tabled
    • Take A Stand: “We, the member congregations of the Unitarian Universalist Association covenant to affirm and promote: journeying toward spiritual wholeness by working to build a diverse multicultural Beloved Community by our actions that accountability dismantle racism and other oppressions in ourselves and our institutions.” (Donuts and Discussion March 22, 2020)
  • Generosity and Stewardship- Bylaw has been passed, job descriptions for the Nominating Committee are underway. The Generosity Committee will be asked to review these.
  • Social Justice Work (Poverty)- Jon and the Board
  • Creation of a dashboard- Christian will have a draft in March 2020
  • Visual Timeline to the congregation: Feasibility Plan to First Worship Service at 2650- Tentatively Completed in Teamwork

Thank You Messages for the Month:

June Lester and George Macon (Parliamentarians)

Don Milton, Travis Vaughn, Jeep Hook, & Douglas Terrell (Moravian Service)

Cindy Hoffner, Babs H. & Doug Abell (RE Class on Covenant)

Circle of Connection: Share one 2020 resolution for UUCA or for you personally.

Taryn-Thus far it has been a ministry of “doing” rather than as much of a ministry of “being”.  I plan to live more deeply into a Ministry of Being.

Jon-I have had a lot of frustrations and even heartbreak last year. Lets focus on the victories and roll our sleeves up for a wonderful capital campaign.

Jennifer-I am hopeful the Healthy Relations Committee will help bring us together.

Christian-I want us to become more comfortable with being uncomfortable.  The Board needs to be ok with hearing from oppositional views.  It takes a bit of discomfort to grow from and get through issues.

John- I think the best thing that could happen for us is a change in national leadership.  I stopped at ____ to see a beautiful waterfall and I want to see more of them this year.

Jen-I want to have a more direct and positive impact on peoples’ lives this year.

Sharon-I wish there will be no more surprises with Project Phoenix, no more surprises in general, and to gain some forward momentum on the transition from the Tree House to our new home.  Personally, my goal is to obtain a full-time job with benefits.

Sean-I hope to be a better pollinator, by encouraging people to own projects they are passionate about at UUCA.

Corporate Authorization for Operating Account

Corporate Authorization for Safe Deposit Box

  • Christian moves that Board pass the resolutions to change the authorized signers for the Safe Deposit Box, Operating Account, and Minister’s Benevolence Account.
    • Sharon-Seconded
    • Motion passes unanimously without discussion.

Decisive Action

The Minutes from November 2019 Board Meeting and December Congregational meeting 2019 are to be approved via email.

  • Edits have all be completed and the final notes will be sent to Nicole Presley.

First Reads

Amelia Shenstone- Needs a sponsor as she begins the process of ministerial fellowship with the UUA (Teamwork)

  • Jen moves that UUCA sponsor Amelia Shentone to begin the process of entering into fellowship with the UUA.
    • Sharon Seconds
      • Jon-What does sponsorship entail?
        • Taryn-All candidates must have an organizational sponsor. This means that UUCA believes in Amelia’s ability to become a minister.
      • Motion passes unanimously.

Take A Stand: “We, the member congregations of the Unitarian Universalist Association covenant to affirm and promote: journeying toward spiritual wholeness by working to build a diverse multicultural Beloved Community by our actions that accountability dismantle racism and other oppressions in ourselves and our institutions.”

  • Christian-Please read and familiarize yourselves with this resolution so that we can seriously discuss it at the next Board meeting.
    • John-I am against taking a stand in favor of adding an 8th principle. Anti-racism is already in four of the principles, and I am wary of adding any principles, since it took 20-30 years to approve the first seven, and it may well be divisive. For this proposal, the reference to the UUA is radical, and it indicates a UUA authority which does not exist (and is not in any of the existing principles), the language is vague, “accountability dismantle racism” has no meaning, and “other oppressions in ourselves”
    • refers to ‘facts not in evidence’, as might be said in a court of law to sustain a fair judgement.
  • Donuts and discussion will need to be planned.
  • Town Hall will need to be planned.
    • Further Discussion tabled until the next Board Meeting.

Annual Vision of Ministry (AVOM) Overview

  • Presentation on work that has been done by HR Dimensions.
    • We won’t be solving the HR issues tonight, just getting a briefing on the current state of UUCA’s HR policies.
  • Taryn-Any questions on the Executive Report?
    • Jon-What is the status of the Prison Ministry?
      • Tayrn-I use Yellow highlights to indicate works in process. There are some personal issues between interested parties.
    • Jon-What is the status of our Visitation Team
      • Taryn-Very busy, approximately 45 people on the list for visits/meaningful contacts. The team has been invited to the LayMinistry Training.  We need to work on vetting and training for this.  Very positive reactions.
    • Jon-New DLRE been hired?
      • Taryn-Yes, they just need to announce it to their own congregation before we share their name with the congregation. They are very experienced with UU’s and is a UU, and is a great fit.
    • Jon- Social Justice and Membership Leader
      • Taryn- Still very much in process.
    • Jon-What is the guest visiting
      • Taryn-We have some amazing guest preachers coming to visit and Tony mentioned that it is customary to really host these guests and have a meal with them.
    • Jen-Staycation?
      • Tayrn-This is a capital campaign idea. Lots of working families may forego family vacations to contribute to the capital campaign. The idea would be that we would host a week of staycation events.

Human Resource Dimensions (HRD) Presentation

Presenters: Kris Viscio & Chelsea DePrimo

Larry Gardener is also working on the project.

  • Functional Assessment Overview
    • Talked with UUCA staff about what has been working and not working for them from an HR perspective.
    • Documentation & compliance review of employee handbook & policies
    • Health & Welfare benefits evaluated to determine how competitive they are.
    • Training & career development
    • Termination & turnover
    • Best Practices
  • UUCA Strengths
    • Autonomous, independent workforce
    • Loyal congregation & community
    • Focus on continuous improvement
    • Competitive compensation packages/rewards for most positions
    • Well defined culture & mission
    • Leadership & budget support
    • Supportive culture
  • Opportunities for Growth
    • Recruiting
      • Employee Referral program can improve results
    • Employee Onboarding & Training
      • Consistency/checklist
      • Training for interviewers
      • Educational opportunities for staff
    • Performance Management
      • Standardize reviews & more regular dialogue about performance.
      • Develop performance based culture
      • Stay/Exit Interviews
      • Clarify Time & Attendance policies & practice.
    • Employee Development
      • Increased engagement between Senior Minister and cor non-management staff
      • Sexual Harassment Training
      • Documentation of general access/processes
    • Realignment of Organization
      • Review & define Job Descriptions
      • Hire leader to provide operational support
        • Minimize work stoppages when people are on leave.
      • Clarify lines of communication.
    • Next Steps
      • Prioritize these issues, with input from the Board & leaders.
      • Create a timeline & project plan to execute.
      • Create proposal with cost.
      • HRD can provide on-going support as needed.
    • Questions?
      • Jon-Who wasn’t interviewed?
        • Taryn-Only full-time staff were interviewed.
      • Jon-Taryn is currently filling essentially 3 full time positions
      • John-Have you worked with other churches or UU?
        • Chris-We have worked with other nonprofits.
      • Taryn-Important to address these issues, especially in light of Fenwick’s departure. While the transition has gone relatively smoothly, there were still many questions, rumors, & uncertainties.
        • Hope to make the staff and congregation more resilient.
      • Jen-We are potentially hiring two staff in 90 days. Probably best to prioritize onboarding policies.
      • Sean-I think our recruiting is working well enough, but that it is important to clarify the leave & attendance policies.
      • Christian-Prioritize performance evaluations
      • Sharon-Identifying back-ups so that when people go on leave work can continue.
      • Taryn-HRD came very highly recommended
  • Taryn- I can use help for when I am not available and I have connected with new Atlanta UU minister
    • Megan Lloyd Joiner
      • Emory’s Cancer Clinic Chaplin
    • First pass at all wedding memorial services that Taryn is unavailable for.
    • Preach 3-4 times yea

Project Phoenix- Choate Construction and Revised Timeline

  • Land Development Plan(LDP)
    • Currently working with DeKalb County for LDP approval.
    • Timeline in process.
  • Building Scan
    • Choate will complete this task
  • Sign Update
    • DeKalb County requires an approved LDP in order to install.
    • Planning to proceed with a temporary sign
      • Cost $800.00
      • Design being finalized
        • Sharon- Perhaps add a QR code
        • Jen-Put our phone number on it
      • Landscape
        • Planning
          • Memorial garden Concept Plan
            • Christian Memorial Garden Team needs to be included in the process.
              • DeAnn-No problem.
            • Tree Plan review
            • Playground Recommendations
          • Total Cost $4,400.00
        • Activities Once LDP is approved
          • Start Composting
          • Perhaps April 26th -Combat Climate
          • Gardening
          • Parties (with limitations)
        • Jon-Any word on Dave?
          • DeAnn-He is doing so much better.


  • Actual Pledge Giving below budget
    • $697,000 budgeted only $650,000 actually given.
    • Revenue below budget
  • Need to update website to reflect actual numbers
  • Great pledge drive this year
    • Final 327 pledges
      • $732,650.00
      • Pledge $2,200.00
    • Money still needs to come in…
  • Capital Campaign
    • Feasibility Study
      • In process
      • 23 interviews completed
      • 4 left to do
      • February 21, 2020 the report will be available by the next Board Meeting.
      • Interviews have been “productive & insightful” . It’s clear that congregants care deeply for UUCA.
    • Finance Committee
      • Evaluating potential alternative investments to increase revenue & to be ready for upcoming withdrawals and deposits for the accounts.
      • Raymond James is working on cash flow analysis.
        • Should be ready in the next few weeks.
      • Travis-$8,500.00 will be deposited back to Project Phoenix due to operations underrun.
      • Christian-Lets ensure we don’t draw down more than $150,000.00/year so that we preserve the $2.1 million dollars
    • John-Will the overage from this year’s pledges be sent to project phoenix?
      • Bryce-Yes, as it is collected.

Healthy Relations

  • Jen-In process and ongoing
  • Executive Session

Next Meeting will include: Bylaws, Poverty and Generosity and Stewardship

Process Observation

Extinguishing the Chalice

  • “Until We Meet Again” Prayer