Chalice Lighter: Maureen McAndrews
Process Observer: Jen Bain

Board President: Jennifer Thilo
Board president Elect: Sean Golan
Financial Trustee: Jason Delaney
Secretary: Maureen McAndrews
Board Members: Jen Bain, Sha’Ron T. Glass, John Duggar, John Merkel, Allen Lee

Board Expectations for the year:
*Complete: Successful Capital Campaign
*Engage our congregation in renewing our Values, Vision, Mission and Ends
*Powerful Question:
Building on our resilience, what transformations will we develop and nurture within ourselves, our congregation, and the world?
*Take A Stand: “We, the member congregations of the Unitarian Universalist Association covenant to affirm and promote: journeying toward spiritual wholeness by working to build a diverse multicultural Beloved Community by our actions that accountably dismantle racism and other oppressions in ourselves and our institutions.”

Thank you messages for the month: Barbara Begner, Tony Stringer, George Macon, Kay Johnson.

Circle of Connection

A word to describe how you are feeling (skipped because of additions to the agenda)


Date for Social Hour with Your Board, November 15.

This is an opportunity for the congregation to get to know us. Each Board member will be in a different room during the social hour. Anyone who has not participated in a social hour should do that before the 15th. 

Winter Board Retreat?

Our May retreat was held on Zoom for 75% of the meeting, 25% of it was outside at 2650.  We missed the connection that comes with meeting in person and would like to consider having a retreat at The Mountain in January. Are Board members comfortable with that? John M. mentioned that it was difficult to maintain social distancing during meals at the recent men’s retreat. Jennifer will look at dates and this will be discussed further.

Executive Report – Rev. Taryn Strauss

Report was submitted to the Board prior to the meeting.

Taryn talked about the work the staff has been doing. She requested an extension of the Klote contract by one week; the Board voted to approve an additional $7000 for this. Glenn Wagner has been providing advice on developing leadership in the congregation among other things.

The Work of the Board- Maureen McAndrews
Decisive Action
The minutes were approved by the Board on Slack prior to the meeting. No questions were raised.

Report from Finance Trustee – Jason Delaney
Revenues continue to exceed budget, expenses continue to be under budget. A budget deficit was predicted for this year, and it is possible that that will not happen.

Capital Campaign Committee – Maureen McAndrews
To date 359 units have been selected for visits; 230 visits have been scheduled, 210 have been completed, 172 capital pledges have been received ($3,590,658) and 171 stewardship pledges ($514309, an 8% increase over last year for the same pledging units). 43 people have been trained to conduct visits.

Project Phoenix Committee – DeAnn Peterson

PP is now a team of 3 (DeAnn, Carol Ann Arvan and Bryce Thomason) with everything being done collectively. DeAnn is very confident with their process.  Because we reached a nice milestone with CC pledges, construction drawings are being made. Need to confirm Choate dates. Land disturbance permit is still hanging in DeKalb County and they will attempt to get that moving. Once the permit is in hand, construction on the parking lot, Memorial Garden and playground can be started.

External electricity needs are being assessed. Progress is being made on getting 3 dimensional views for the art gallery to share with a lead donor. The kitchen design has been revised a little bit. They are looking at items on the alternate list – and the possibility of adding some of these back if we exceed our fundraising goal.

Healthy Relations Committee – John Merkel

The three documents “The HRC Mission, Vision, and Functions Statement”, “Serious Covenant Breaches Policy”, and “UUCA’s Healthy Relations Committee: What Congregants Need to Know” had been posted on Slack so the Board could review them prior to the meeting. HRC is planning on a February program roll out. At the roll out the congregation will be made aware of the HRC, their mission, and how they function.  

The Serious Covenant Breaches Policy gives full responsibility and complete latitude to the Board in handling breaches, with the HRC playing an advisory role.

HRC has three members and one board liaison. Current thinking is that one or two additional members should be added at some time following the roll out. There is also consideration being given to adding a liaison from ARAOMC.

There was some discussion about record keeping and the importance of confidentiality but no decision was made.

ARAOMC Committee – Allen Lee
Deferred because of time.

ByLaw Committee – Sean Golan
Deferred because of time.

Nominating Committee – Jen Bain
Jen reported that the committee is building a list of slots that are needed. She is helping them gain a better understanding of the importance of the committee’s role, which is to identify leaders for the congregation.

Process Observation- Jen Bain

Very positive meeting, we stayed on track and demonstrated flexibility with changing order of presentations. High points were Laura Beth’s presentation. ARAOMC was covered during LB’s presentation and the HRC report. High energy moments: hearing how well the capital campaign is going and the finance report. Low energy moment:   debrief of previous meeting. 

Closing Words – Maureen McAndrews