Chalice Lighter: Sean Golan
Process Observer: John Duggar

Board President: Jennifer Thilo
Board president Elect: Sean Golan
Financial Trustee: Jason Delaney
Secretary: Maureen McAndrews
Board Members: Jen Bain, John Duggar, Sha’Ron T. Glass, John Merkel, Allen Lee

Board Expectations for the year:
* Complete Successful Capital Campaign
* Engage our congregation in renewing our Values, Vision, Mission and Ends
* Take A Stand: “We, the member congregations of the Unitarian Universalist Association covenant to affirm and promote: journeying toward spiritual wholeness by working to build a diverse multicultural Beloved Community by our actions that accountability dismantle racism and other oppressions in ourselves and our institutions.”
Thank You Messages for the Month:
Jerry and Izzy Moskowitz and Karen Lindauer, Glenn Wagner, John Guyton and Ellen Beatty.

Circle of Connection:
Something on your bucket list:
Travel to Sweden to follow a route taken by my grandmother; get a PhD and write a book, maybe a trip to space; have a number one hit on the Billboard as a writer or performer; go to beautiful and exciting places, go out to a restaurant like Malaysian, Chinese and Thai food; some kind of pull up; do more hiking which I’ve actually accomplished during pandemic; become tenured at my current job and learn how to play the guitar which I’ve started just did my first lesson; travel again, retreat to Italy, learn the banjo.

Executive Report – Rev. Taryn Strauss
Annual Vision of Ministry (AVOM) Overview
The report was posted in AVOM; Taryn went through it and answered questions.

The Work of the Board
Decisive Action
October minutes were approved on Slack.

Report from Finance Trustee – Jason Delaney
We’ve brought in more this year at this point than we did last year. Expenses are much more stable than last year. We’ve over-raised and under spent; because of quarantine we haven’t been able to do some things that we would like to have done.
Jason moved to approve; Sha’Ron second. Approved unanimously

The proposed 2021 budget that will be presented to the congregation for approval was presented and discussed.
Maureen moved to approve; Jason seconded. Approved unanimously.

Capital Campaign Committee – Maureen McAndrews
We’re on track to reach our goal of $4 million for the capital campaign. More visits have been scheduled than originally planned and most of them have been completed. A pledge match is planned and the committee will be reaching out to donors. This will be announced on 11/15. Stewardship campaign is lagging at around $600,000 and more outreach is planned after the public phase ends. Board members were encouraged to become visitors – “it’s fun and rewarding to get to know congregants better and to meet new people.” Visits are about including people and sharing information with them about what’s going on at UUCA.

Project Phoenix Committee – DeAnn Peterson
Weekly meetings with the architect are being conducted. PP met with the kitchen committee; some changes were made and new plans are due. A restroom and a janitor’s closet have been added to the social hall level. Architect has a meeting with the AV team about electrical, internet and security needs. PP is working with GA Power about external lighting; it may be possible to lease lights instead of owning them (might be cheaper). Question was raised “are permits going to hold us up?” We are still waiting for a permit from Dekalb; this has taken a long time and PP is talking about the having our attorney contact them. We won’t wait for permits once construction begins.
Costs for the new bathroom and janitor closet are unknown. Because some storage was lost to make room for them, a new storage area with barn doors was made elsewhere in the social hall.

Healthy Relations Committee – John Merkel
Formation of this committee will be announced at the Congregational Meeting by the committee members. Training for leadership is planned; sessions would be about an hour and will be held in January/February. They have a rudimentary web page design that they would like to see put up. (Bryce will handle this.)
John recommended that the Board make a resolution to establish the Healthy Relations Committee.
“Be it resolved that the HRC of UUCA be formed as a committee of the board to foster healthy relations.” This will be wordsmithed.

ARAOMC Committee – Allen Lee
No report – Allen was unable to attend the meeting.

ByLaw Committee – Sean Golan
No report at this time.

Nominating Committee – Jen Bain
Jen is continuing to work with the committee and be a valuable resource for them about how to select the best people for each open position. Taryn suggested meeting with the committee to discuss ideas she has about the leadership of the congregation. They should be linked to the Membership Committee.

Process Observation
John stated that he is encouraged by this board; conversation flows freely, open, everyone is encouraging; communication is respectful. There was no conflict or dissent. Did we remain on task? Yes, this was an evolving but focused meeting. High energy: enthusiasm for Zoom election vigil, Capital Campaign report by Maureen; Jason’s rapid fire delivery of complicated financial report and budget.
Low energy: the results of the stewardship campaign are a little disappointing at this time. Most meaningful part of the meeting: Jennifer’s suggestion that we close out 2020 at the December meeting (which will be about having fun and growing relationships).

Closing Words – Sean Golan