Chalice Lighting

Board Expectations for the year:

  • Policy for the following committees have been completed. Now it is time to get the committees up and functioning: Healthy Relations Committee and ARAOMC Committee
  • Generosity and Stewardship- Bylaw has been passed, job descriptions for the Nominating Committee were provided.
  • Social Justice Work (Poverty)- Jon and the board
  • Creation of a dashboard- Christian will have a draft in March 2020- Do not have the capacity to complete this year
  • Visual Timeline to the congregation: Feasibility Plan to First Worship Service at 2650- Tentative Completed in Teamwork

Thank You Messages for the Month

  • Thank you to Bryce Thomason


Board Education
Review of Rough Draft of Congregational Meeting Presentation

  • Protocols reviewed, Board roles assigned and reviewed/clarified.
  • How to determine quorum clarified.
  • Back-up plan for congregants who have trouble accessing Zoom call.
  • Endowment Fund and Congregational Meeting agenda
  • Deadline for reports is Thursday, May 7, 2020. Upload reports to website Friday, May 8, 2020
  • Confirm all board and finance meetings’ minutes are uploaded to the website.
  • Presentations Approved.Executive Report

Annual Vision of Ministry (AVOM) Overview

  • New format presented for AVOM with more narrative paragraphs instead of spreadsheet.
  • Board approves
  • Adjustments made to reflect COVID pandemic changes in priorities.
    • PPP program applied for and obtained
    • Mechanisms for the Executive to keep the board informed of staff issues and feedback discussed.
  • Staff working, collaborating, and communicating better than ever.The Work of the Board

Decisive Action

The Minutes from the March 2020 Board Meeting are approved via email.

Open Question and NomCom

  • Board & Congregation have answered the open question.
  • Board decision to focus on poverty
  • Nominating committee served this congregation very well and worked very hard to obtain a great slate of candidates.

Project Phoenix

  • Lots of hits on the Project Phoenix website following the town halls.
  • The virtual town halls have gone very well.
  • Architect presented to the staff on the design of the new building. Updates are underway in light of their feedback.
  • Trees will be moved to the playground by the end of this week.


  • New Reports are being generated thanks to Bryce.
    • Graphic representations now available to give the Board a better picture of comparisons for finances.
  • Currently expenses are lower than budgeted
  • Currently revenue is higher than budgeted
    • Total revenue to date is greater than total expenses
  • New staff has come on and so next month will likely be closer to budget.
  • Investment account lost some value due to the pandemic’s effect on the market. On the whole the account is still in good shape and performing as well as could be expected and seems to be on track to recover those losses.
  • Payroll protection program loan 1% secured.
    • Guidelines may allow for this loan to be forgiven but still largely uncertain.
  • Strauss’ contract stipulated that she would receive long term disability, dental, and life insurance.
    • These insurances were never obtained for her.
    • By the time the oversight was discovered the open enrollment period was closed for dental.
    • Life and long term disability insurance is eligible for a 1x waiver to remedy the error and enroll Rev. Strauss retroactively.
    • Dental insurance impossible to obtain until Jan. 2021(the next open enrollment period).
  • Motion:
    • “I move that the Board approve sending a letter to Guardian to apply for a waiver to retroactively enroll Rev. Strauss in the Guardian life insurance and long term disability insurance that was promised in her contract with UUCA”
      • Moved by: Dave Spearman
    • Seconded by: Jennifer Thilo
    • Motion passes unanimously without discussion.
  • The Board will discuss further how to make up for the lack of dental insurance for Rev. Strauss.

Healthy Relations

  • Finished Mission and functions
    • Working on Internal Procedures
    • 3 Current Members of HRC
      • Could use 1 or 2 more members on the committee.
    • Process for finding and selecting members TBD

ARAOMC Council

  • Council in a holding pattern
    • Need additional members for the council.
    • Process for finding and selecting members TBD

Where are we with the revision?

  • Bylaw team to revise the bylaws to reflect the change made at the December Congregational meeting with Jen, Sharon and Sean.

Christian’s Reflections

  • Thanking the Board for their work and support.