Dear Congregation,
UUCA has made a momentous decision and we are all really excited to have this opportunity, but it is important to recognize that the sale is not done until the closing. Until that time (up to 120 days from now), we have to keep the terms of the deal to ourselves. That means we cannot reveal the seller’s identity, the purchase amount, our lease terms or any other terms. Once the closing has occurred we can talk about what will be on public record-the seller and purchase amount, but the other terms are still private. It is the Buyers right to request confidentiality, and our obligation to honor that.
Many of you have posted on Facebook and other social media your excitement about the outcome of Sunday’s meeting.  Please make sure that you haven’t revealed information that could jeopardize the closing. To that end we are also removing revealing information from our website. The meeting agenda and presentation will still be available to any congregant who wants to see it, but they will need to request it.
Thanks for your understanding!
Erin Stanfill