Message From Donald Milton III

Dear UUCA,

This past Sunday’s service was a beautiful time of healing and deeper understanding. There were a lot of tears in that room and it’s important to remember that UUCA wants everyone to bring their whole selves to services. Your tears and your laughter, your sorrow and your joy are all very welcome. If you weren’t able to be there, I hope you will watch all three of the homilies from the service. As we continue to journey together through these massive transitions, it’s important to treat each other with love and kindness. 

I’m writing today because I’m going to be away a lot over the next few months and I want to let you all know why. There was a staff policy change this year that we can no longer carry forward vacation days. I used very little of my vacation time in my first few years at UUCA because I had absolutely no concept of work/life balance, so I’ve been carrying over the maximum number of days for a long time. I now know that taking vacation and recharging my batteries makes me better at my job and a more effective staff member at UUCA. 

So I’m of this week (literally writing this email on a vacation day) taking two weeks in May to go to South Africa and Zimbabwe. I’ll be taking a lot of time off during the summer because, honestly, I hate missing choir rehearsal so I take the bulk of my vacation when the choir isn’t rehearsing. 

I’ll also be missing some time while serving our wider denomination. I’ll be the keynote speaker and leading plenary sessions at the Pacific Southwest District Assembly later in April. I also serve on the worship design team for the Association of UU Music Ministries National Conference in July. 

Paid time off is a part of my compensation package and I’m excited to use this time to travel, to learn, and to refresh. I’m grateful to work at a congregation that knows the value of a staff team that isn’t burned out. As always, when I am away we will continue to have excellent, meaningful, life affirming music on Sunday mornings provided by our incredibly talented members, local friends of UUCA, or brilliant artists traveling through town. 

With gratitude and love,

Don’s Homily

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