Interested in becoming a member?

To become a member of UUCA, fill out our Membership Form and Skills & Talents Survey online or a printed copy to the UUCA office. Following submission of your information, the Rev. Makar will follow up with details regarding signing our membership book, participating in a recognition ceremony, and other ways to get involved.


Joining UUCA is a way to make a commitment to the life, mission, and people of this congregation.

WELCOME! We’re so glad that you’ve decided to share your path with us at UUCA. Becoming a member represents a deeper connection with and commitment to your faith community. 

It is a process, rather than an event, that begins by attending worship services and getting to know our community and the theology of Unitarian Universalism. In many churches, membership involves reciting a religious creed or affirming a certain set of beliefs. In Unitarian Universalism, membership is done a bit differently.

Membership is sacred and deeply personal. Members are asked to be an active participant in the congregation.


What are the benefits and responsibilities of membership?

Commitment.  No one will tell you what you must believe as a Unitarian Universalist. When joining UUCA you take responsibility for developing your own  religious affirmations. Our tradition emphasizes reason, respect for others, freedom of inquiry, and service to the world. While our ideas and interpretations often differ, we expect these basic values in our relations with one another.

Support.  UUCA exists only through the support of its members. We ask members to consider a goal of five percent of income as a guideline for the pledge. We will ask you to evaluate how much you want and can afford to give to UUCA financially, and to make a pledge for that amount so we can budget effectively. We also ask for your support in another important way. Running UUCA and its many activities is accomplished primarily through the volunteer efforts of its members.  You are encouraged to participate at the level that feels most comfortable for you.  And of course, we will hope to see you often on Sunday morning.

Privileges.  As a member, you will be entitled to have input into the congregational decision-making process. Sixty days after you join, you are eligible to vote at the annual meeting for election of officers and approval of budget recommendations, and at any other duly called congregational meetings. You will be eligible to hold certain leadership positions. You will receive a member name-tag and the UU World magazine. The services of the minister for counseling, weddings, funerals, or other rites of passage, will be available without further charge.

Who can become a member?
Anyone 14 years of age or older who agrees with the guiding principles of this congregation can become a member. You can apply to become a member by completing this membership packet, and then you will formally commit to the congregation by signing the membership book.

Want to learn more about us and let us meet you?
Newcomers are invited to attend our “Inquirers” series, offered after the Second Service at 12:30 pm. This introductory class to Unitarian Universalism is held on an 8 week rotation. All are welcome—drop in anytime! New members are strongly encouraged to attend all 8 sessions of “Inquirers” prior to joining, with a special emphasis on the “History, Principles, and Sources” class and the “Membership & Congregational Life” class.