Living Our Mission: Social Justice and Community Service

UUCA people have a passion for social and economic justice. Recently, UUCA members Barnara Burnham and Laura Murvartian attended the first Immigrants’ Rights Lobby Day, hosted by the ACLU of Georgia. About this, Barbara says, “It was very well organized and went well.  I was especially impressed with the presentation on lobbying.  We were given hints for what to say to progressive and non-progressive legislators.  We also received an update on legislation impacting immigrants and refugee. State Senator (and UUCA member) Nan Orrock and State Representative Pedro Marin also spoke. After the training we broke into small groups based on what we wanted to work on.  Laura and I went with the group trying to stop an Arizona-style law from being adopted in Georgia.  Jerry Gonzalez from GALEO was our team leader.  We delivered dvds and a handout from a forum on the anticipated economic impact in Georgia of an Arizona-style law to the offices of all State Representatives. GALEO staff had already delivered the ones for the State Senators.”

One of the ways UUCA serves the community is through its Give Away the Space program, in which eligible groups are able to meet (and events held) at UUCA without having to pay a fee. Recently, UUCA received a note of gratitude from Karen Turner, Co-President of Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. “With the sponsorship of UUCA’s Interweave, PFLG Atlanta has enjoyed 21/2 years of ‘First Monday’ support meetings at UUCA. Over the months, attendance has grown from 4 or 5 to almost 30. We are so appreciative of UUCA’s continued support for this endeavor. THANK YOU for helping us make a difference in people’s lives!”