Living Our Mission: Jewish Awareness and Walk For Choice

UUCA is a vibrant faith community for spiritual seekers that worship together, embracing lifelong religious learning and respecting different spiritual journeys. On Feb. 18-20, UUCA hosted “Let us Be Counted,” the first national gathering of Unitarian Universalists for Jewish Awareness (UUJA) in more than 20 years. Says one participant, “It was a wonderful and affirming weekend experience. We connected with people from all over the country. We recognized the common philosophies and values of Judaism and UU ism over music and food, two of our favorite things!” UUCA Member Robin Kottman says, “Our congregation should be very proud!”

At UUCA, people have a passion for social justice. UUCA member Camille Cassingham helped organize the Walk For Choice last weekend here in Atlanta. Walk for Choice rallies took place all over the country, in cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington D.C., Minneapolis, and Alaska. The focus was on reproductive health for women—how these are being threatened by current actions in Congress. Participants in the rally included Rev. Anthony David, Sophia Keys-David, Kristin Buckley, and Guy and Tanya Cassingham. “The environment of political speech right now is dangerous for women,” says one rally participant. “Women are adults and should be treated as nothing less, but the current actions of Congress threaten individual autonomy on more than a medical level.”