Living Our Mission: Community and Social Justice

UUCA is a loving community that provides support and care. People experienced this at the recent Familes Together New Year’s Eve event at UUCA. Writes Melissa Marion-Landais, “We showed up tired only one day after traveling back to the USA … all tired and crabby, but excited for our young kids to get a taste of ringing in the new year.  As it turned out, they rang in the new year 4 times, as midnight rolled across Europe then over to South America.  At the top of each hour, noise makers, music, shouts of “Happy New Year!” abounded, and the kids had a BLAST each time. In between hours, games of Risk, Monopoly, Hungry-Hungry Hippos and more could be seen across the social hall, and there was a constant backdrop of dance music to satisfy everyone. […] To anyone with kids, I heartily encourage you to look for this event again next year – it was a wonderful chance for UU fellowship for all ages!”

At UUCA, we have a passion for social justice. Recently, the Sustainability Justice Action Group sponsored a conversation on the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Food and Environmental Justice Statement of Conscience (SOC). At two well-publicized open meetings on this subject, a vote was taken and 100% of those present at each meeting agreed that the SOC as written was worthy of being advanced to the General Assembly. In part, this statement reads, “Food is essential for our survival and an important element in family and cultural life. Religions have devised food rules and rituals to promote group solidarity, to ensure human health, to hallow sentient life, and to provide food for the stranger and the poor. Religions have called for fasting as a spiritual discipline and prayers of petition and thanksgiving to God or gods for provision of food. In keeping with these religious traditions, we, Unitarian Universalists, are called to address our relationship with food.” To learn more, go to this HYPERLINK