Letter to Editor in AJC Today

A letter to the editor by Senior Minister Anthony David about the recent Atlanta police raid of the Atlanta Eagle gay bar was featured in today’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Constitutional rights should be protected

As a pastor of a local faith community (the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta), I want to express my deep concern and disappointment over how the Atlanta Police Department conducted itself during its recent raid on the Atlanta Eagle. Police should protect the constitutional rights of Atlanta’s residents — not violate them. A deep trust has been broken, and this is tragic. We need our police — their job to serve and protect is absolutely necessary — but not when it involves harassment, illegal searches, anti-gay and racist comments and other such things. When a citizen’s trust of the police is violated, it just makes the work of the police even more difficult than it already is. Unitarian Universalists and many other people of faith believe that the real sin is not homosexuality, but homophobia. We stand on the side of love with the BGLT community, whose humanity and constitutional rights are too often denied.

Rev. Anthony David, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta